Channel your sexual energy into your own success!

NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!

After this erotic hypnosis, you will live 15 days in total chastity. During this time, you will lose all your sex drive and you will not be able to cum. Instead, all the sexual energy will be concentrated and oriented toward your personal success!

Mental Prison: 15 Days of Chastity

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Experience how 15 days of chastity will positively change your life. During this time, you will be unable to have an orgasm. Instead, you will use all the sexual energy to further your personal goals and your own success!

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Prison Mentale : 15 Jours de Chasteté
Give up the right to sexual pleasure!

Chastity … I wonder what this word means for you.

For some people, it is an experience of total submission, where you give up this incredible power that life has given us to feel and give the most intense pleasure. Chastity can come from a desire to serve and please the key holder, or from the exquisite idea that you are sexually dominated.

For other people it is a divine and spiritual experience, which allows us to challenge our innate sexual desire and to free ourselves from our urges.

It can also be a personal challenge. A time period of chastity can teach you how to have greater control over your emotions and sexual energy, and can allow you to redirect that energy to get what is really important to you in life.

More than drugs, alcohol or money, sexual energy is surely one of the greatest stimulants that a man can experience. Sexual energy unleashes our passions, it makes us perform the most incredible actions, it sometimes even causes fights and wars!

If you read these words, it’s because something has brought you here. If you read these words, surely there is a reason for you to experience chastity. I do not know what that reason is. But whatever the reason, at the end of this audio, the result will be the same: You will be kept in total chastity, for 15 days. During this time, you will not be able to cum and you will be insensitive to any sexual pleasure.

Yes, I know you want to know what is it like… to give up completely, to lose control, to give up the right to sexual pleasure! During this audio, I will guide you step by step to get you into this process of chastity. We will establish a ritual to start with the process and then you will enter into a state of erotic hypnosis.

In this state, I will build a mental prison inside of you. Using only my hypnotic voice, I will weave a locked box inside your mind. In this prison, we will meet face to face and share an intimate moment. During this moment, you will give to me a symbolic object, the key of your sexuality.

In exchange, I’ll give you two extremely powerful gifts. First, I’ll give you an exquisite feeling of energy. You will feel hypnotic and vibrant during these 15 days!

My second present: Well, have you ever heard of transmutation of sexual energy? It’s the idea that if sexual energy is channeled and directed toward specific goals, it can lead you to achieve great things in your life. So, my second gift will be that you will be able to redirect all that energy toward the goals that are really important to you. Instead of being directed towards the sexual act, this energy is now oriented towards your personal success!

Imagine what you will be able to achieve if you focus on your goals with the same energy, passion and the same desire as towards an incredible sex date!

A prison that gives you access to greater freedom … interesting, isn’t it?
So, are you ready to discover your new mental prison?


The purchase of this item includes:

  • A ritual sheet (PDF)
  • Audio 1: Introduction (7:44 min)
  • Audio 2: The door to enter into chastity (45:31 min)
  • Audio 3: The exit (9:38 min)


This French erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!
  • You will enter a deep trance and travel to a prison inside yourself, in which you will be trapped for 15 days
  • You will symbolically give me the key to your chastity
  • You will lose your sex drive & the ability to have an orgasm during these 15 days
  • In return, you will feel very attractive and experience a great sensation of energy during this time
  • You will be able to transform this sexual energy and focus it on forwarding your goals and your own success
  • All posthypnotic effects will last for 15 days
  • This erotic hypnosis is designed for both women and men


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  1. Fab

    Giving up myself to Calice ...

    (verified owner)

    Une session complète, très bien construite, avec la voix envoutante et hypnotique de Calice. Une session puissante, espiègle et joueuse, tout en etant safe. Calice sait prendre soin de nous en plaçant un cadre securisé, afin qu’on puisse s’abandonner completement à son pouvoir …. Oh mais … damned … je me suis complétement abandonné à son pouvoir, peut etre vais je etre completement à sa merci maintenant :p En tout les cas, chapeau, Calice, pour moi, la session la plus aboutie de toutes celles que tu nous a mis à disposition 🙂 J’aime beaucoup !

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  2. quentin.guilloteau

    (verified owner)

    Comme toujours, je suis envoûté, c’est une magnifique et très puissante expérience. Votre voix est des plus sensuelles et hypnotiques.

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  3. Question

    Will you be doing this file in english?. I love your voice, french accents are so sexy. You clearly put a lot of thought in the making of this file, with PDF too. I gotta have it, but I can’t speak french

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  4. Question

    Will you be doing this in english. I love the french accent and would love to buy this file. It seems very well thought through and offers a routine.

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