Feminization Hypnosis
Feminiziation that will turn you from male to female (mtf)

All about Feminization Hypnosis

Find the perfect hypnosis to free your inner girl. Have you wondered what it feels like to become a woman? To be feminized? Wearing beautiful and sexy female underwear? Our erotic feminization hypnosis MP3 will give you a completely new and mind blowing experience. You will be turned into a wonderful and feminine woman.

These sex changing hypnosis sessions will induce a transformation of your body and your mind – a femine mind! Yes, your mind will be molded into sensual femininity. Experience a complete sex change, just by letting go and accepting you inner femininity. With our hypnosis MP3 you can experience what it feels like to have a female orgasm or you can let go of all your inner restrictions that prevent you from behaving like a true woman.

Let go of your masculinity and welcome your new female identity. This is for all the crossdressers, transgenders, drag-queens, sissies and men who want to find out what it feels like to be a woman.

Feminization through Hypnosis actually works
Feminization through Hypnosis - Powerful and Liberating!

Check out our most popular Feminization Hypnosis Sessions:

Become a Woman through hypnosis

What does feminization hypnosis feels like ?

Roller Coaster | THE DREAM DATE by Dark Freya
Roller Coaster | THE DREAM DATE by Dark Freya
Verified Owner | June 14, 2018
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The emotional roller coaster you experience while under is so intense iv’e never loved, laughed, cried, blushed and been scared so much. This was a great experience and i’ll be listening to it again and again. Very deep trance and never even felt like i was down for long but the attraction to the guy was so fun and the heat and arousal left me gasping and breathing so heavily all i wanted to do was jump on him. There are times where i felt i was so into it and lost in the fantasy that even before Dark Freya mentioned what was happening i felt i was already doing it. Quality work.
I can't believe how effective this hypnosis is! | THE PERFECT LITTLE MAID by Dark Freya
I can't believe how effective this hypnosis is! | THE PERFECT LITTLE MAID by Dark Freya
Verified Owner | May 31, 2018
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I’ve played around with erotic hypnosis for … years now. Some of it is stronger than others, a lot of it is just ear porn. This is different. I cannot believe how totally submissive I became after listening to this and how I instantly played the role of the maid. How strong my desire is now to be the maid! (...) I seriously believe this hypnosis file changed my life for the better. How many of us want our partner to be more dominant or struggle communicating deep, taboo desires? How good it felt to serve her a nice meal and then clean the kitchen while she relaxed! What better way to demonstrate your submission to your betters? This hypnosis was a way forward for myself and my wife in our relationship. It worked. Thank you Mistress Freya!
Fantastic session | THE FEMININE MIND by Dark Freya
Fantastic session | THE FEMININE MIND by Dark Freya
Verified Owner | September 24, 2018
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It was deep and relaxing, and did exactly as promised! I woke up from the trance feeling fresh, excited for my feminine day ahead, and allowing myself to feel so many wonderful and powerful emotions. I cannot wait to return to this special place and trance!
Favorite File | PANTY BOY by Dark Freya
Favorite File | PANTY BOY by Dark Freya
Verified Owner | February 22, 2019
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I absolutely love this file. It is such a thrill to wear women’s panties under my male clothes. I love to embrace my inner girl and Mistress Dark Freya does such wonderful job in awaking her and letting me express it freely without guilt or shame. Thank you Mistress Dark Freya.

What happens in our Feminization and MTF Sessions?

Our erotic feminization hypnosis MP3 allow you to live out your feminine side. Our hypnotists will lead you into a sleep-like state. In this state, your mind will be open for hypnotic suggestions. This way, feminine behavioral patterns can be anchored and fears or blockades that are hindering you from unleashing your feminine side can be dissolved. Afterward you will feel sexy, self-confident and strengthened to finally be able to liberate the woman inside of you.

Here, the changes that happen within your mind, are what’s most important. It’s not our physical appearance that hinders us from unleashing our feminine side – it’s our thoughts and worries that are standing in the way of finally being able to free what’s already deep inside ourselves. 

Recommend MTF (Male to Female) Sessions:

Feminization through Erotic Hypnosis

Feminization Hypnosis allows you to fully live out your feminine side
Feminization Hypnosis unleashes your feminine side
All of the erotic hypnosis sessions on this page are focussing on this topic: The feminization of men.  However, these sessions are not limited to transexuals or transgenders. Anyone interested in getting to know their feminine side a little better can enjoy and benefit from listening to our feminization hypnosis MP3.  Even in D/s (Dominance & submission) play, femdom feminization is a very popular and exciting topic – No matter if it’s used as forced feminization, sissification, slutification or bimbofication to humiliate the „former man“ or to use him (or „her“) as a submissive play toy or slutty little maid. For many men, this gender change can be very thrilling and gives them a chance to experience their other feminine side, no matter if it’s the beautiful princess, or a slutty maid.   All things fetish and BDSM aside, some men also just want to experience what it feels like to be a woman for a day, to think like a woman, and especially, to experience an orgasm like a woman.  Of course our hypnotic audio books can perform an actual complete sex change. But they allow men to slip into a different side of themselves and experience to not only cum with your penis but experience a powerful and intense feminine climax.  Discover the woman inside yourself with our erotic feminization hypnosis sessions.

Why do Men want to be feminized through Hypnosis?

Everyone of us, no matter if male or female, has a feminine side as well as a masculine side. (And not to start a discussion now: No, we do not see gender simply based on the parts between the legs)  

A possible explanation comes from our society itself: Many men hide their feminine side because they are expected to be the „tough guy“: strong, hard and masculine. It has been like that for a long time. Showing emotions or a weaker, softer, sensitive side, for example, was seen as unmanly. These things had to be kept under control, hidden and suppressed. 

Woman on the other hand were expected to fully and exclusively show their feminine side. A woman’s masculine side was not really welcome – often put off as domineering or called a „bitch“ – but not discriminated against as much as a man who confidently lives out his feminine side.

The challenge for submissive men is that they are into „being weak“. They enjoy to let themselves go and have someone else take the lead. Most times, the dominant part is a woman, which (also) lives out her masculine side.

This is why – for many submissive men or the BDSM realm in general – it’s an exciting thrill to be able to live out this other side or to even be forced to. Many men enjoy it when a strong woman shows them their sensitive and „weak“ side. Here, feminization through hypnosis can be just the perfect tool. 

Some women, for example, like to place their partners in forced feminization to show them their inner, weak side. These stereotypical feminine characteristics – „weak, helpless, dependent“ – are deliberately enforced in these sessions to make the feminized man aware of the dominant status of his wife. 

How does Feminization Hypnosis work?
Erotic Feminization Hypnosis dissolves fears and blockades

Forced Feminization and Sissification in D/s Play

Feminization or forced feminization in BDSM or D/s play involves the reverse of typical male gender roles, letting a submissive man take on a female role. Humiliation-based sexual pleasure is often a key factor in this and can include cross-dressing, wearing female lingerie, taking on stereotypical female behavioral patterns or receiving a new feminine name. Two of the more intense types of feminization are general sissification, sissy maid training or sissy slut training.
Erotic Hypnosis can be very effective for Sissy Training

One of the more intense forms of feminization is sissy training. Here, the submissive male partner is forced and trained to become more and more feminized, taking on a very stereotypical female identity.

The typical behaviors include cross dressing (wearing women’s clothing, lingerie, shoes etc.), shaving face, body and genitals, applying make-up, tucking, and appearing as feminine as possible in general. 

Sissy maid training takes this all a step further and strongly focusses on humiliation, stereotypical maid duties, chastity and orgasm control and overall obedience / submissive training.

Main activities include wearing revealing and slutty maid uniforms, cleaning and taking care of housework, cooking and serving food, for example. Of course, bad sissy maids are punished and spanked for their misbehavior. Perfect little maids that obey and behave may be allowed to break their chastity experience an orgasm.

Slut training transforms the feminized submissive to act promiscuous, uninhibited and overly sexual in every way possible – their clothing, behaving and thinking.

Sissy sluts become a toy for pleasure and live only to please and obey their dominant. They let go of any inhibitions or usual day to day worries about society’s expectations, which can be very liberating. 

Here are some of our most popular Sissifications: