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Anal Sex - Feel it as if it was real!

For a lot of people "anal sex" is still a very big thing. Some even say you don't loose your virginity by „using the backdoor“ instead of entering right to the front. Actually having „anal intercourse“ is a very common kink in any kind of relationship. No matter if your in a gay relationship, a BDSM-relationship or in a straight marriage and just love to „try something new“.

But no matter how much you like the thought of having anal sex: anal sex in reality can be painful or even degrading for some people. Our erotic hypnosis MP3 can help you make the experience of having anal penetration and stimulation in a completely safe way.

Just listen, relax and enjoy the feeling of the perfect kink as if it was real!

Here you will find all of our anal-themed hypnosis MP3:

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