Here’s a list of all our free hypnosis sessions for you

On this page you will find a collection of erotic hypnosis audios that are completely free for you to listen to – Enjoy! Feel free to play them directly from or site or visit our channels on YouTube or Soundcloud!


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Lady Tara’s free hypnosis will give you a first impression of erotic hypnosis and her beautiful voice. It can also help you practice to relax and reach a deeper and more effective trance. Lady Surrender’s free fractionation hypnosis will drop you deep into incredibly arousing, mindless trance.

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Lady Tara: “Tara’s Kiss”

Play Lady Tara's Hypnosis "Tara's Kiss"

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The sole purpose of this free erotic hypnosis audio book by Lady Tara is to make you relax and feel good. It allows you to get you accustomed to her voice and will also support you in taking on all the challenges of your day.


Dark Freya: “What is Erotic Hypnosis?”

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Lady Surrender: “Surrender” – The Foundation File

Play Lady Surrender's Hypnosis "Foundation File"

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This free erotic hypnosis serves as a foundation file that I have created to have you surrender and be erotically hypnotised & mindless for me. Leaving you ready to accept all my programming, with a simple hypnotic trigger. Your mind will become primed to receive my exquisite hypnosis.

As you surrender and fall deep into my voice, into my entrancement… you feel that delicious feeling of mindlessness…

This hypnosis programs my blissful Surrender trigger into your submissive surrendered mind. I will be recording a number of hypnotic Surrender files using this trigger. Once you are trained by this entrancing foundation file, the next step will be to choose from these recordings, picking whichever fetish or fantasy you like.

Sweet subjects who send a thank you tribute for this free file, are appreciated for their thoughtfulness. 

– Blissful, long induction that seduces your mind as I weave silken, seductive whispers through it
– Erotic Whispers ASMR
– 10 – 1 countdown
– Embedding of the Surrender trigger
– L&R + layered tracks

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Lady Surrender: “Surrender: Entranced Induction” 

Play Surrender Entranced Induction Erotic Hypnosis for free

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In this free erotic hypnosis induction, the Temptress entrances you with each word and seduces your cock to become aroused… so aroused… Slip away from your worries and become Entranced as I entice you to step into My elevator…

Step in… and as I count down the floors of the elevator, deepening your trance with every number and… increasing your cock arousal with every number… Until you reach ground floor… and your arousal becomes deliciously overwhelming… and your mind… empty and oh so easily Mine. When the elevator doors open, you and I, are in your hypnotic room… where I wander through the pathways of your subconscious mind, taking control control of your mind and your cock – My will, My pleasure…

Now… choose any recording to listen to after this Entranced Induction and I will become your obsession, your Temptress, your Seductress. You will become My slave and My pleasure toy.

Seductive Whispered (ASMR) intro and ending, Layered tracks, Theta Brain wave music, Countdown from 10 to 1 deepening and arousal commands, mindless obedience, thought erasure, Hypnotic Suggestions to programme your trance and your Arousal, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Echo sound effects.
No awakening instructions.

Use this induction if you easily slip into hypnotic trance. Choose my “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 for deep, methodical brainwashing, if you have trouble switching off your thoughts or if you want to experience transformational hypnosis (that is – if you want to live openly as gay/sissy/tg).


Lady Surrender: “Reboot Sissy – Slut Mouth 2” 

Play Lady Surrenders Hypnosis "Reboot Sissy"

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FREE Erotic Hypnosis Stream! – Listen to Lady Surrender’s soft and sensual whispers… Feel how they are programming you to worship and serve cock. Submit to it. Suck it! Open that slut mouth of yours and follow Her commands! 

Collect these seductive sessions and random play them with Lady Surrender’s popular “Surrender” series or any other hypnotic loop.

FeaturesLoop recording, L & R tracks, Velvety (ASMR) whispers, Sissy training, Mindless trance, Cock craving, Submission training, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, No induction included

For deeper Entrancement, listen to the FREE Induction “Surrender Loop – This file intensively programs your mind & body to accept all her hypnotic suggestions.


Lady Hypnotica: “Succubus”

Play Lady Hypnotica's Hypnosis "Succubus"

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THE SUCCUBUS – Unnoticed, she robs sleeping men of their semen… After an extensive induction, you dive into your own personal “mental cinema”, color it in and make it intensive.

This free erotic hypnosis is for everyone, interested in giving erotic hypnosis a first try. No pressure, no posthypnotic suggestions! – You can just lay back and enjoy the session. 

FeaturesHelps you to drop easily into trance, from which I will wake you again; Solely created for your enjoyment; Sound effects & brainwaves; No posthypnotic suggestions or triggers


Mistress Amethyst: “Insatiably Silly”

Insatiably Silly - FREE Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

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Triggering you to be my silly sissy bimbo!

This free erotic hypnosis recording will implant a trigger into your mind that is going to make you feel like a horny, giggly airhead. Every time you hear me say the trigger word, you’ll feel the effects instantly and overwhelmingly. You want to be my silly bimbo don’t you? It feels so good to be so silly for me. It makes your sweet little sissy clitty so engorged doesn’t it? Yes, I know it does! You love to be my silly sissy, where you mind empties and you become so eager to please me. It’s too hard to think without me. It’s just too much for you and that makes me so happy. You love making me happy don’t you?

My Silly trigger can be found in many future files, so be a good little silly bimbo, and make sure you listen to this file over & over! I want your little mind nice and trained for lots of Silly fun!

Silly Trigger Introduction, multi voice track programming, layered voice tracks, very soft sporadic giggle sound effect, verbiage to serve me as your Mistress, delta brainwave tones, count up at the end, no cum command

Explore all the sessions from her Silly Sissy-Bimbo Trigger Series now in the Shop!


Mistress Amethyst: “Slip into Mindlessness”

Slip into Mindlessness - A FREE Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

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I’ve created this free erotic hypnosis to strengthen any hypnotic programming that you may receive from me. It will render you erotically mindless and ready to receive my programming just by using a simple trigger word. When your mind is triggered in this way, it becomes “primed” to receive powerful programming. You may have a feeling of mindless as you drop into this deep trance. Sending you into that special mindless state is something that we both want, isn’t that right? Yes, of course!

This file will program that blissful trigger word into your open and eager mind. I will have a variety of additional hypnosis programming files using this special trigger word. Once you are fully trained, all you will need to do is choose your next stage of programming.

There are no tricks in this erotic hypnosis file. No subliminal messages. No wording that you will follow me & only me etc… just honest, blissful hypnosis.

What you will hear is the trigger word programming, which is a pre-cursor to many future titles that I plan to record in a wide variety of topics. I’m giving you the programming file for FREE, and you may choose which future SLIP file that you wish to immerse yourself in.

SLIP Trigger Introduction, long, slow induction, triple voice programming, 10-1 countdown, deep theta brainwave technology on very low volume, soft soothing music.


Mistress Amethyst: “Insatiable Trance Junkie”

Insatiable Trance Junkie - A FREE Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

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Slip away from the world and your troubles through this soft, seductive, and intense trance. 

Deepening you over and over while intensifying the pleasure you feel. This is all a recipe for you to become an Insatiable Trance Junkie!

Theta brainwaves, soft 2nd voice track, confusion elements; NO findom suggestion