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Lady Tara’s free hypnosis will give you a first impression of erotic hypnosis and her beautiful voice. It can also help you practice to relax and reach a deeper and more effective trance. Lady Surrender’s free fractionation hypnosis will drop you deep into incredibly arousing, mindless trance.

Free erotic Hypnosis by Lady Tara

Lady Tara: "Tara's Kiss"

The sole purpose of this free erotic hypnosis audio book by Lady Tara is to make yourelax and feel good. It allows you to get you accustomed to her voice and will also support you in taking on all the challenges of your day. [Read More…]

Fall into trance easier and faster!

Dark Freya: "What is erotic hypnosis?"

In this free erotic hypnosis, Dark Freya will answer the most common questions about hypnosis. She will show you exactly how it feels to be hypnotized and will give you a little demonstration of how pleasurable it can be to follow a posthypnotic suggestion. [Read More…]

Download this free erotic Hypnosis induction by Lady Surrender

Lady Surrender: "Surrender - The Foundation File"

This free erotic hypnosis serves as a foundation file that Lady Surrender has created to have you surrender and be erotically hypnotised & mindless. Leaving you ready to accept all her programming, with a simple hypnotic trigger. Your mind will become primed to receive her exquisite hypnosis. [Read More…]

Surrender Entranced Induction - Free Hypnosis

Lady Surrender: "Entranced Induction"

In this free erotic hypnosis induction, Lady Surrender entrances you with each word and seduces your cock to become aroused… so aroused… Slip away from your worries and become Entranced as she entices you to step into her elevator… [Read More…]

Lady Surrender: "Reboot Sissy - Slut Mouth 2"

Listen to Lady Surrender’s soft and sensual whispers… Feel how they are programming you to worship and serve cock. Submit to it. Suck it! Open that slut mouth of yours and follow Her commands! Collect these seductive sessions and random play them with Lady Surrender’s popular “Surrender” series or any other hypnotic loop. [Read More…]

Insatiably Silly - Free erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

Mistress Amethyst: "Insatiably Silly"

This free sissification hypnosis will implant a trigger into your mind that is going to make you feel like a horny, giggly airhead. Every time you hear Mistress Amethyst say the trigger word, you’ll feel the effects instantly and overwhelmingly. You want to be her silly bimbo don’t you? It feels so good to be so silly for her… [Read More…]

Slip into Mindlessness - A free erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

Mistress Amethyst: "Slip into Mindlessness"

Mistress Amethyst has created this free FemDom hypnosis to strengthen any hypnotic programming that you may receive from her. It will render you erotically mindless and ready to receive her programming just by using a simple trigger word. When your mind is triggered in this way, it becomes “primed” to receive powerful programming. [Read More…]

Instabile Trance Junkie - A Free erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

Mistress Amethyst: "Insatiable Trance Junkie"

Slip away from the world and your troubles through this soft, seductive, and intense trance. Deepening you over and over while intensifying the pleasure you feel. This is all a recipe for you to become an Insatiable Trance Junkie! [Read More…]

Free FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst

Mistress Amethyst: "Deep Down into... LUST"

Enjoy this free FemDom hypnosis and experience how Mistress Amethyst fills you with LUST… She will condition your mind and body to turn this word into one of her new triggers to play with you in the future. [Read More…]

Fall into the void within your mind with this free erotic hypnosis

Mistress Amethyst: "Timelessness"

Deep inside, there is a place where everything falls away, and nothing exists, except Mistress Amethyst’s voice and what she’s saying to you. No thoughts. No worries. No Tension. Only the bliss of hearing time fall away and disappear and you float and sink in the ocean of hypnotic bliss. [Read More…]

Free French Erotic Hypnosis by Calice

Calice: "The Voice of Pleasure"

FREE Erotic Hypnosis in French! – Learn to intensively feel each sensation that emerges and develops inside you. Follow Calice’s voice, and experience a growing feeling of pleasure. Enjoy how her voice guides you to explore it and turn up the intensity! [Read More…]

Spirale Hypnotique Sensuelle

Calice: "Spirale Hypnotique Sensuelle"

FREE Erotic Hypnosis in French! – Drop into a deep trance and become absorbed by Calice’s sensual spiral. Enjoy this wonderful fusion of relaxation & pleasure and experience the most blissful sensations that your body can offer! [Read More…]
Free Gay Hypnosis by Master Jay

Master Jay "Genie of the Bottle"

Free Gay / Maledom Hypnosis – Find yourself in a blissful fantasy role-play. Hypnotized by the genie, you wish him to be free and end up trapped by the curse of the bottle yourself… Submissive and obedient to whoever rubs your bottle. [Read More…]

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