Using a hypnotic Chastity Belt in order to stay chaste

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Hypnotic Chastity belts

A lot of dominants are using chastity belts in order to make sure that their partner (or submissive) is not in control of his sexuality by himself.
On the other hand a lot of submissives love the thought of having their sexuality controlled by their dominant by using a chastity belt.

The advantage of a hypnotic chastity belt is very clear. Often a conventional chastity belt is very uncomfortable for the one who is wearing it. There are quite comfortable alternatives on the market like „ar-wear“ (or „anti-rape wear“ ) for example. However, ar-wear  is mostly for women and often not as effective as a conventual chastity belt.

A hypnotic chastity belt on the other hand is completely comfortable to wear and makes it absolutely impossible for the person who wears it to cheat himself or his partner. Conventional chastity belts are make of plastic or metal. This is still quite secure, but there a small chance to cheat or to free yourself from it remains. A hypnotic chastity belt is much more secure than a conventional belt. Once it is installed via deep hypnosis, the person who is wearing the hypnotic belt cannot cheat himself - it is absolutely impossible to „take it off“


All of our hypnotic chastity belts have different effects. Some of them can only make it impossible to cum while your alone, others keep you chaste until your dominant (or partner) allows you to have an

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