ASMR Hypnosis
ASMR Hypnosis

ASMR - Why it won't just be tingling in your head

A phenomenon goes around the world. Countless artists flood the internet with delicate “eating noises”, “combing sounds”, recordings of crinkling paper or just the gentle whisper of their sensual voice. These soothing noises and whispers are commonly referred to as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Its effect has barely been studied so far but it has been used in advertising for years to give viewers a good (and yes, even “sensual”) feeling for the products. 

On this page, you will find everything there is to know about the new trending topic ASMR. 

ASMR Triggers & Sounds
ASMR Triggers & Sounds

ASMR Erotic & Hypnosis - The perfect Combination

Yes, even a soothing whisper can have its effects. Thanks to professional hypnosis techniques, our ASMR hypnosis can let this reaction become to intense that you will not just reach a mental “hands free orgasm“, but a full body orgasmic sensation! You will experience an Autonomous Sexual Male Response.

Find out what ASMR feels like in Dark Freya´s unique Session: "ASMR Tease"

This ASMR-hypnosis session by Dark Freya will make you almost cum! You will feel multiple mouths kissing and teasing you all over your body, including your cock… Bringing you to the edge of sexual pleasure.

What is ASMR and how does it work in Erotic Hypnosis?

You want to experience a mental orgasm of a special kind? As mentioned before, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and causes a very intense feeling of falling and tingling in your body, that can be intensified by specific hypnosis techniques.

ASMR and erotic hypnosis create a merge of a deep sensual relaxation with the tingling in your pleasure center. This is why our ASMR hypnosis is oftentimes more effective than regular hypnosis sessions. They are recorded and produced with special stereo microphones in a certain frequency range (called ASMR Technique). Here, the “normal voice” is replaced with a whisper and the specific “whisper” sequences are emphasized and spread to two different audio lines through phase shifting.

ASMR Headphones
Headphones are highly recommended when listening to ASMR
Because of this, ASMR recordings should always be listened to with headphones, to be able to reach the full effect of the autonomous sensory meridian response. This meridian response, caused by the soft whispers, creates a special intimacy and can lead you to an orgasm, if you fully let go. First, you will feel a head tingling or goosebumps on your neck or arms. Like you just had your first kiss. This sensual tingle then spreads throughout your whole body and will cause you to become more and more stimulated and sexually aroused. In combination with ASMR, you can even experience ASMR sex as if it was completely real. There are no limits. Experience what ASMR can trigger in your mind and body! Our sexy hypnotists are masters of their craft and can drop you into deep sensual trance.

Key Points of ASMR

ASMR amplifies low frequency and reduces high frequency oscillations

What’s missing in ASMR are mostly the frequencies that “sound” for us or make up the actual voice. They usually are between 300 and 800 Hz, everything above makes up the actual voice. The main tone of a woman’s voice, for example, are at about 150 Hz, those of kids at 140 Hz.

In ASMR recordings the specific frequencies are missing, especially at 500 Hz. The audible range lays between 500 and 5000 Hz, everything above is mainly “S” sounds that come at about 10 kHz. 

ASMR Frequencies
ASMR Frequency Chart in an Equalizer

ASMR conquers Music

Music utilizes ASMR as well. Our talented hypnotist Lady Tara not only uses ASMR as acoustic tool but also in terms of content to manifest corresponding images in the minds of her listeners.

You can find her videoclip on YouTube, including the lyrics, which can further explain the connection to ASMR.

Of course, we would look forward to you streaming the song ASMR on Spotify or Apple-Music. Feel free to leave us a review there as well.

To ensure the ASMR effect, please listen to the song with headphones.

You can find Lady Tara’s song on the following platforms:

ASMR on Apple Music >>>

ASMR on YouTube Music >>>

ASMR on Spotify >>>

ASMR JOI (Jerk Off Instructions)

There’s no doubt that ASMR can cause intense sensations. Many people even use ASMR during masturbation. Especially in jerk off instructions – in which the listener follows the masturbation instructions of the speaker – ASMR can intensify the experienced sensations. The keyword here is “ASMR JOI” and of course you can also find ASMR jerk off instructions in erotic hypnosis.

But be careful, the soft whisper of our hypnosis artists will make sure that your orgasm will be as intense as never before.

ASMR & Masturbation