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Erotic Hypnosis Live Session : Sissy Orgasm Training
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On our website you can find a growing number of hypnosis audio books for any fetish. This allows you to live out your fetish right from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Ranging from cuckolding, to feminization, orgasm control or pure mindfucks – our shop has it!

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After five successful years, we have received the international Venus Award for the most innovative erotic product of the year 2015. We would like to thank all of our fans for their loyal support! We are constantly working on increasing our assortment of erotic hypnosis and continue to insist on providing our listeners with safe and high quality MP3 audio books. This is also why there are no hidden suggestions in our files, that haven’t been explicitly outlined beforehand – There are no unwanted suggestions or posthypnotic triggers that you haven’t been informed about before!

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Every person has the right to fulfill his or her sexual dreams – We would like to help you achieve this. Every fetish and every sexual fantasy can be implemented through hypnosis, as long as you can only imagine it. Hypnosis is something fascinating. First, a sensual induction, then – with only a snap of the fingers – your thoughts are flying to another world. A world of pure arousal and intensive, sensual and kinky sensations is waiting for you – You won’t want to escape again. What are you waiting for? Discover our large assortment of recordings, inductions and demos in our online store now – Click here to visit our erotic hypnosis online shop!

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Additionally, every subscription will receive Lady Tara’s hypnosis „Sleep for Me“ completely free to download! This recording will give you a first impression of erotic hypnosis and can help you reach a more relaxed and deeper trance. Download a free erotic hypnosis session now!

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Hypnotic Lady Tara finally in English!

The hypnosis community surely knows famous artists like Tessa Fields or Ember Mona Blu. But still, English-speaking trance-fans were missing out on one of the most talented sensual hypnotists out there! From now on, you will be able to receive hypnosis audio books from Germany’s number one femdom Hypnotic Lady Tara! Feel the sexual pleasures her sensual voice will give to you. Let her suggestions become part of you. Let her put you in a relaxed state of sexual pleasure and teach you the true meaning of sexual mind play!

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