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On this page, you will find the most commonly asked questions on, can receive first advice if you have any problems with your order, and can get to know more about erotic hypnosis in general.

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Questions about erotic hypnosis:

Questions about the ordering process and your purchase:

Questions about erotic hypnosis:

1.Erotic Hypnosis – What is this?

On, you can purchase erotic hypnosis audio books. You can download them directly to your computer, your MP3 player or your smartphone* and listen to them wherever you would like. Our audio books are recorded by one of the most beautiful voices in Germany: Hypno Lady Tara. In addition, you can now also find other artists like Dark Freya, Lady Surrender, Mistress Amethyst or Lady Hypnotica on our page!

While listening to our hypnosis sessions, you will fall into a voluntary hypnotic trance. In this completely relaxed state, you will be able to experience your erotic dreams as if they were real. This way, for example, you can experience how it feels to be a woman for a day or find out what a visit to a bdsm club would be like.

*Not every mobile device can download and/or play MP3!

2. Will I experience everything, that happens to me during a trance?

Yes, you will notice absolutely everything, even more concentrated, better and more intensive than in everyday life. Imagine it like a exciting book, which will grab and fascinate you with its story. The world around you will disappear more and more. Afterward, you will be able to remember everything, anything you flexor experienced. All of our (Lady Tara & Dark Freya) hypnoses are self hypnoses and there is no moment, in which you are not master of your own senses. You alone decide what is happening with you and how you are experiencing the hypnosis!

3. Does erotic hypnosis work for everyone?

Generally, yes. However, it is important to really want and allow it to happen. Nobody can be hypnotized against their will. There is a small group of people, though, which simply can’t be hypnotized. Some of our customers need to listen to the MP3 more than one time, in order to fully receive the wanted effect. The best way to fall into a deep trance is to try to relax, listen to the MP3 and let it happen. Maybe Lady Tara’s free hypnosis “Sleep for Me” can help you practice to relax a little more.

4. Is erotic hypnosis suitable for every person?

No, there are limitations. For example, people that are in psychological treatment, pregnant or suffering from depression, heart problems or other serious conditions should get the approval of their doctor before listening to hypnosis audio books. Our hypnosis should not be confused with medical hypnosis meant for therapeutic purposes, like for example the treatment of phobias. Our erotic hypnosis audio books are meant for entertainment purposes only.

5. What should I watch out for, before listening to erotic hypnosis?

If you are not sure that listening is completely safe for you, you should talk to a doctor beforehand. Your should be in healthy condition, with no heart problems or other serious illnesses. Please have a look at our terms of service before you purchase our MP3.

6. What is a posthypnotic suggestion?

Some of our erotic hypnoses embed a so called “posthypnotic suggestion” or “trigger”. After you hear the installed trigger, from the specific hypnotist (or sometimes even a person of your choice), it will cause a certain reaction, like extreme arousal or a hands-free orgasm, for example. This way, your partner could cause you to cum or hinder this with the power of just one word, whenever he or she pleases. This will only be possible if you as the listener completely approve.

7. Can I first try erotic hypnosis before I make a purchase?

Yes – Many of our artists have free samples available on THIS PAGE.

8. I am a hypnotist, as well. Can I sell my files on your website?

As you can see there is still a lot of space on our site. As a partner, you can receive up to 70% of the win! Behind and stands a professional and experienced team that is ready to work for you! For more information, click here or contact us at – We are looking forward to your message!

Questions about the ordering process and your purchase:

1. How do I receive my download?

Directly after your purchase, you will receive a download link to your ordered hypnosis audio books via email. Additionally, you will be directed to a download page after your order here on In most cases, you will be able to listen to your MP3 only a few minutes after you’ve paid for it. The download links are valid for 24 hours and 3 downloads. If you have missed your download window and your links have expired, you need to write an email to our support team at in order to reactivate them.

2. What will appear on my bank statement?
The only title appearing on your bank or credit card statements will be „MP3“

3. Why can’t I pay with PayPal?
Unfortunately, PayPal does not accept businesses from the erotic industry in the EU. Our content is therefore not compatible with PayPal’s moral concepts.

4. My downloadlink has expired / I have problems downloading my file.
No problem, just write an email to We will help you as soon as we can. Please give us at least 24 hours time to respond!

5. Can I copy and share your files?
No, any kind of filesharing of our products is not allowed! All our files have are equipped with a watermark, an electronic fingerprint of your purchase. The only way to keep this site alive is to earn money through our MP3. Our team has put a lot of time and hard work into the production of the files and the maintenance and management of our website. If we find one of our files in the internet, containing your specific watermark, we will press charges. We just want to be honest about that, because our goal is to earn money through selling our files, not by filing charges on you.

6. I didn’t receive an email with the download link, where is it?
Please check your spam folder before contacting us. Sometimes, it can take up to 10 minutes until you get your purchase confirmation.

-> Note: If you already received an order or payment confirmation from your credit card, please mention it in your email. Make sure to always write us from the same email address that has been used in order to buy your MP3. This makes it alot easier for us to identify you.

7. Is it possible to receive a hypnosis as an audio cd?
No, unfortunately, we can’t offer our hypnosis files as audio CDs at the moment. But feel free to burn your MP3 to an audio CD or USB stick for your own personal use.

8. Can I download the MP3 on any computer or mobile device?
You can download the MP3 to any system that can handle regular MP3 downloads. Please be aware that, in case of Apple devices, you will need to download the file to a computer first and then use iTunes to copy it to your mobile phone or tablet. This is a restriction from apple, on which we do not have any influence, unfortunately.

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