Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Dark Freya

In this free erotic hypnosis, Dark Freya is using her soft and sensual voice to drop you into a deep and relaxing trance, sending you up and down to deepen you even more. She will train you to be able to fall into trance easier and faster from now on and will make it easier for your mind to accept any positive suggestions. After listening, you will also feel very happy and completely worry-free for the rest of the day.

More about Mistress Dark Freya

You want to know more about the person behind this wonderful voice? Here’s a short interview with Mistress Dark Freya!

What started your interest in hypnosis?

My first contact with hypnosis was on a (BDSM) play-party. A friend of mine first silenced and later completely froze their submissive with just a word. Back then, I didn’t really understand what was going on, only that I wanted to learn how to do it. And when the sub had an orgasm from just hearing one word, I was completely sold. The rest – as they say – is history

Are you a real life hypnodom?

Mhmmmm.. Commercial? No. But I’m a real life dom and love to use hypnosis for my play. It’s only one of the tools I use, although it’s the most creative. With hypnosis, the imagination is the only limit. You can access abilities the conscious mind doesn’t have. For example you can’t will yourself to have an orgasm, yet with hypnosis I can make you have one whenever I snap my fingers.

What do you like about erotic hypnosis?

The control! (winks) I think the main factor is the creative side – Everything’s possible. You want to have fun with a beautiful alien woman on a spaceship? No problem! I love to create new and creative scenarios. I also love to see how people react to my creations. It’s deeply satisfying to see the reactions of someone after they experienced something they’ve dreamed about for years. So yeah, it’s the control. The control that allows me to make your dreams come true.

Why do you create erotic hypnosis recordings?

Why does a musician make music or an author write books? I love to create new hypnotic fantasies, it’s my passion. I’ve done it for a long time now, and my fascination with it only grows. This project is my attempt to turn my passion into a profession. What’s better than a job you love?

What sets you apart from other hypno-doms?

I have a very strict ethical code for what I do. Some people tend to forget that the first step of being a dom is taking responsibility. You will never find any surprises in my recordings, only exactly what the description says. I would never addict you to me, just to sell a few more recordings. There will also never be any findom in any of my recordings.

So what do your recordings do?

Creating fantasies! (laughs) They are a way to experience your fantasies in a way that doesn’t impact other parts of your life. I put a lot of effort into making them as safe as possible. And I like to create positive and empowering experiences. We all have our dreams, fantasies and desires. And I want to help you to explore and experience this wonderful part of you, free of guilt and shame.

What do you do to make your recordings safe?

For example, when I have you experience a fantasy, you will experience it with the woman of your dreams, not with me. I don’t want to establish this kind of emotional tie and connection just to sell a few more recordings. Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to have a close relationship with everyone who listens to my recordings, so this kind of selling pitch only leads to hurt feelings in the long run. And I don’t want that, my recording should be safe fun.

Can you take real control if you are this careful?

Absolutely! Your subconscious mind will quickly notice what’s going on. Is it easier to let go when you know you’re safe, or when you’re always looking out for evil surprises? How well a hypnosis works is primarily a question of trust, and trust can only be earned. Surprises in the recording would just destroy the trust and in fact make them less effective.

Are you present on any social media platforms?

Yes, you can follow me on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter 

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