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Chastity Hypnosis - Your new sexual kink!

There a various reasons for someone to live in chastity. Of course, there are religious reasons which proclaim sexuality as a sin, but we do not share this opinion. However, living in chastity for someone can also be a very strong sexual-kink.

In our erotic hypnosis repertoire we have many chastity-hypnosis files that will help you to live this kink in multiple different ways.
From "hypnotic chastity belts" to "tease and denial" fantasies, we provide a large rage of erotic hypnosis-MP3 that will help you to live chaste.

But be careful and try to start with a hypnosis-session that will only put you in chastity for a short period of time. Some of our hypnosis-MP3 will give you the suggestion of complete chastity that is not reversible. You should be aware of the consequences this can (and will) bring for your sexual-future.

Living in chastity for someone (a partner or a dominant) is a way of life that will change you. So try it for a short time before you give up your sexuality completely.

On this page you will find all of our chastity-hypnosis MP3:

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