Become a cuckold by using hypnosis to accept that you're not the one that should have sex with your partner

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Erotic Hypnosis for Cuckolds

What does it mean to become a cuckold? - Cuckolding is a very common fetish dealing with your wife (or girlfriend) having sexual relationships with other men. There are three different forms of cuckolding that are quite common:

  • The C1 Cuckold“: A C1-Cuckold is a man that still has sex with his partner but also likes watching her having sex with others. Normally a mild form of D/s (Dominance and submission) fetish comes with it. So a C1-Cucky also likes the thought of being held in chastity for quite a while, but not in a permanent way. Some C1-Cuckolds just love watching their partner and get sexual satisfaction from it.
  • The C2 Cuckold“: A C2-Cuckold lives more in a kind of D/s relationship. He is kept in chastity for most of the time and enjoys his wife having sex with other men. The husband (or hubby) still has sex with his wife occasionally, but is attracted by the thought of having his sexuality controlled by his partner. A C2 cuckold also loves to be humiliated in some ways - but still is a sexual partner. The C2 loves the thought of being controlled, but not the thought of permanent "life-long" chastity.
  • The C3 Cuckold“: C3-Cuckolding is the most intense form of this fetish. A C3 Cuckold is kept in complete chastity by his wife or partner. He lives in a „never-inside“ relationship in which his only purpose is to serve his partner or his "mistress". This form is a strong D/s - BDSM relationship that points in direction tpe (total power exchange) relationship. Often a C3-cuckold is held as a sex-slave by his mistress and is not allowed to have any orgasms at all.

Cuckolding and Hypnosis: On this site of our erotic hypnosis store you will find all hypnosis-MP3 that are related to the cuckold-fetish. You should be aware what it means to live this kind of fetish since it can and will change your sexuality in a very strong way. Only download our cuckold-hypnosis-MP3 if your sure that you really want this.

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