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Welcome to the world of Erotic Hypnosis, Erotic-Hypnosis.com, your ultimate destination for erotic hypnosis audio files where you can live out your hypnosis kink! Our sensual hypnosis audio books will give you a mesmerizing experience like never before. 

Live out your Hypnosis Kink on Erotic-Hypnosis.com​

With our erotic hypnosis files, you can live out your deepest erotic desires and longings as if they happened for real. Whether you want to ignite new passion in your partnership, explore erotic fantasies and fetishes or simply take your masturbation to a new level. Our range is very broad and offers something for every fetish.

Hypno Erotica - Experience your Hypnosis Kink

Hypnotic suggestions for sexual purposes will give you an erotic experience you won’t forget easily; probably never. It’s not like any hypnotic performance you may have seen on various tv shows. Hypnotic states are induced by a deep relaxation, followed by the „whole foods“ of sexual health – Our specialties. You will not fall asleep, your subconscious mind will take complete control and be wide awake! Sessions with our audiobooks will put you in an altered state of mind, in which you can experience the best and most intense sexual experience you can imagine. Just imagine orgasms far beyond everything you’ve experienced before. Or imagine the opposite: being unable to climax without the permission of your dominant! From femdom hypnosis to sensual experience –  Everything is possible with the large mp3-collection in our online shop!

Find out what Erotic Hypnotism feels like

Interested in erotic hypnotism? – Just click the play button of this free video and find out what it feels like to fall into an hypnotic trance. It’s completely free. If you want to, you can also listen to it on YouTube. If you are unsure, feel free to read the reviews from previous listeners – Enjoy listening!

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How does Erotic Hypnosis work?

First: All of our erotic hypnotists are professional hypnotherapists. They use a hypnotic induction – like a progressive relaxation – to put you into a trance state where their voice will become your thoughts.

In this state you can experience dreams as if they were real. It’s even possible to give you a post hypnotic induction to modify your behavior or to trigger a special reaction. These triggers, for example, can make you lose control of your orgasms- forcing you to live in chastity for a certain amount of time – or they can allow you to experience a hands free orgasm – just by the voice of your hypnotist. The only limit ist your own imagination.

We will hypnotize you

On our website, you can find a growing number of hypnotic audio books for any fetish or kink. Our hypno-sessions allow you to live out your fetish right from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Ranging from femdom / fdhypno, anal, ASMR, chastity and cuckolding, to orgasm control, mind play, feminization, sissification and sissy training, power exchange, hands free orgasm (HFO) experiences, ABDL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover) hypnosis or pure hypnotic erotic mindfucks – No matter which, our shop has it!

High Quality Mesmerizing MP3 and Audiobooks

Safe & without hidden Suggestions!​

After ten successful years, we have received three international Venus Awards for the Most Innovative Product of the Year 2015, the Best Erotic Online Product in 2019 and the Award for the Best Erotic Hypnosis Audiobooks in 2021.

We would like to thank all of our fans for their loyal support! We are constantly working on increasing our assortment of erotic hypnosis-MP3 and continue to insist on providing our listeners with safe and high quality MP3 audio books. This is also why there are no hidden suggestions in our files, that haven’t been explicitly outlined beforehand – There will never be any unwanted suggestions or posthypnotic triggers that you haven’t been informed about before.

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Shopping at Erotic-Hypnosis.com is completely safe. Your data will never be given away to third partied or used for spam. If you have any questions or problems, contact our support team at support(at)erotic-hypnosis.com! We will help you within 24 hours!

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Live your sexuality with erotic hypnosis
Erotic Hypnosis Sexuality

Live your Sexuality, live your kink - Get hypnotized via MP3

Every person has the right to fulfill his or her sexual dreams – We would like to help you achieve this. Every fetish and every sexual fantasy can be implemented through hypnosis, as long as you can only imagine it. Falling in trance is something fascinating. First, a sensual induction, then – with only a snap of the fingers – your thoughts are flying to another world. A world of pure arousal and intensive, sensual and kinky sensations is waiting for you, brought to you by the seductive voice of your hypnodomme – You won’t want to escape again. What are you waiting for? Discover the large collection of recordings, inductions, stimulations and demos in our online store now:

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Femdom Hypnosis on Erotic-Hpypnosis.com

Become mesmerized by our mistresses and masters! Femdom hypnosis uses hyping to control the mind of the submissive hypnotee. The most imported thing when it comes to female domination & hypnosis is that it always has to be voluntarily. Nobody can be hypnotized in a way he (oder she) doesn’t want to. The biggest risk, however, when “BDSM” and real hypnosis are combined, is that the submissive listener is willing to give away control of his (or her) personal will to the hypnotist. This puts the hypnotist in a superior position, with a lot of power and responsibility. Therefore, it is very important that you choose your hypnotic mistress wisely; especially since there are plenty of “black sheep” out there on platforms like twitter, etc. So be careful to never let yourself be hypnotized by a Mistress you don’t fully know or trust!

That’s what makes Erotic-Hypnosis.com different from most other hypnosis websites out there. All our erotic hypnotists are certified hypno-therapists, who are aware of their responsibly. No session in our shop will force you to buy more, nor will you ever find any kind of financial domination in our repertoire.

Dark Freya, Lady Tara and ViVe are experienced hypnotists who have been in the business for more than a decade. In their hypnoses, you will only experience the suggestions you can find listed in the product descriptions of their audiobook files. No hidden suggestions! No surprises! Well, except the surprise when you realize that hypnosis really does work 😉

Femdom Erotic Hypnosis
Femdom Erotic Hypnosis

Myths about Erotic Hypnosis!

Erotic Hypnotists can make fulfill your most intimate dreams

Is Erotic Hypnotism safe, sane and consensual?

In BDSM and kinky play, „Safe, Sane and Consensual“ (SSC) is a very often used term. The meaning is self explanatory: Be responsible and take care of your play partner, only do things that a sane mind allows and most importantly, for all activities there has to be a willing agreement of all people involved.

Many people fear that hypnosis can be used to manipulate the hypnotized person to do things that he or she would not agree with. Let’s say it how it is: This is complete nonsense. (Erotic) Hypnosis is impossible without consent. That’s just simply how it works. No hypnotist will ever be able to cause any effect that the hypnotee has strong feelings against or does not agree with. This may work in some cases of actual brainwashing, after numerous sessions, done over years, but not for single hypnosis sessions.

For example, it would never be possible to convince a confident heterosexual person to sleep with a person of the same gender just by using erotic hypnosis. Unless there is a small bi curious preference deep inside his subconscious that could (voluntarily) be triggered. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work. In erotic hypnosis, female domination only works if the listener is submissive or at least has somewhat of a submissive tendency. Every hypnosis is self hypnosis and therefore it’s impossible to practice hypnosis that is not (at least on a deep level) consensual.

Hypno Erotica is dangerous! Duh?

No, erotic hypnosis is safe, if you consider the following points.You should not listen to hypnosis if you are pregnant or suffer from mental health issues. Hypnosis should also always be carried out by a professional. All of our erotic hypnotists are officially certified hypnotists. Please make sure to only work with someone responsible and trustworthy. There are a lot of black sheep out there that are trying to take advantage of devoted listeners weak minds to force them into addiction or dependence.

It is very important that the hypnotist stays within your personal limits and always completely and truthfully tells you what will be happening while you are in hypnotic trance, beforehand. Only if you know all the details, you can fully consent to the session. This is why all of our sessions have in depth descriptions that list all the mentioned themes and included hypnotic suggestions.

In our erotic hypnosis, there will never be any negative surprises or any unwanted suggestions that aren’t mentioned beforehand. Even things as small as the mentioning of smoke being blown into a person’s face during the session is considered by us and taken serious – Some listeners may just have finally quit smoking. This would be a very much unwanted experience and needs to be mentioned beforehand. We are aware of our responsibility and care about the well being and happiness of our listeners. That’s what makes Erotic-Hypnosis.com different from other erotic hypnosis shops. There is no financial domination, no huffing addiction suggestions or any other unprofessional nonsense that spoils the fun of erotic hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis IS safe!

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Hypnotic Lady Tara finally in English!

The hypno-community surely knows famous artists like hypnotic Tessa Fields, Ember; Amethyst and Mona Blu. But still, English-speaking trance-fans were missing out on one of the most talented sensual hypnotists out there! From now on, you will be able to enjoy hypnosis audio books from Germany’s number one femdom Hypnotist Lady Tara! Feel the sexual pleasures and the power her sensual voice will have over you. Let her suggestions become part of you. Feel her hand between your thighs and let her put you in a relaxed state of erotic pleasure and teach you the true meaning of sexual mind play!
This is pure soulfucking - An Hypnosis by Lady Tara!
Erotic Hypnotists on Erotic-Hypnosis.com

Why are some Hypno-Artists not available in the Shop anymore?

Some of you may have noticed that our site doesn’t offer sessions from several former hypnotists, like Mistress Amethyst or Lady Surrender, anymore. It is important for us to give you the reason for this. It has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of their hypnosis sessions. 

The reason is quite simple: TAXES. Currently, we are the only „legal“ shop for erotic hypnosis, that is properly paying its taxes, so that you, our artists and our site can work together safe and fully legal. Our shop is hosted in the European Union and the complicated tax system is making legal and profitable work with international artists pretty much impossible. After many months of trying and discussing the best way to handle things, we have decided that, due to these restrictions, we are forced to only work with hypnotists that are located in Germany, from now on.

We are very sad about this and wish all our former hypnotists only the best by heart! Feel free to visit their personal websites. 

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