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Fantasy Hypnosis - Just close your eyes and let your erotic fantasies become real!

Do you have fantasies about being seduced by a sexy vampire who puts you in trance to make you her hypnotized slave? Are you dreaming of power exchange with a sexy succubus, who comes for you at night to drain your sexuality from you? Or maybe you fantasize about having a sensual encounter with an elf?

Here you find the fantastic, mystic, sensual and hypnotic fantasies. All of our erotic hypnosis MP3 in this fantasy section will make your deepest fantasies come true and you will feel and experience every hypnotic dream is if it was real - and who knows... may be it is. Maybe it's not just a role play while your in trance. Let theses hypnotic audiobooks be your subconscious patreon on a journey into bliss and ecstasy.

Erotic Hypnosis for every sensual desire:

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