Enjoy an erotic Evening with two beautiful Women…

NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!

In this erotic hypnosis, Calice will drop you into a deep, relaxing trance through a very special hypnotic scanner induction. Feel how your body becomes more and more erogenous… more and more aroused… and find yourself in the arms of two beautiful women, that are eager to play with you.

Divine Night with Two Women

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Who hasn’t dreamed of a blissful and erotic night with two seductive women? Make your fantasies come true and experience a wonderful threesome with two divine ladies, ending in an intense and long hypnotic orgasm.

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Enter Room 313 – Two seductive women are waiting to play with you…

Have you ever dreamed of spending a night surrounded by two beautiful women? Of having two divine creatures in your bed who entirely take care of you?

I don’t know if you have ever had sex with two women. No matter if it was just a fantasy or you’ve actually done it, what you’ll experience through this erotic hypnosis will be unique, magical and beyond anything you can imagine.

In this session, I allow you to experience an exciting, erotic and sensual night in the arms of two beautiful women. Yes, with erotic hypnosis everything is possible! Hypnosis is a fabulous tool for experiencing your fantasies without necessarily doing it in real life. So it’s just about enjoying the sensations inside you, completely relaxed and wherever you are at the moment. Hypnosis has the ability to draw from the experience of your dreams and makes you experience it… as if everything were real!

In this French hypnosis, in order to make you fall into a deep state of trance, I will first go through each part of your body using a hypnotic scanner – yes, I said every part of your body! All your attention will focus on the different parts of your body and your whole body will become extremely erogenous, extremely sensitive. And the feelings of excitement and pleasure will spread in you.

Once your body is completely receptive to my suggestions and really ready to experience this adventure, I will transport you to another place. You will find yourself in front of the door of a room, in a luxury hotel, where two divine women will be waiting for you. I don’t know if these two women are familiar to you or if they are two perfect strangers, but what I know, is that they are very eager to devour you and to have fun with you! In this hypnotic fantasy, I will paint beautiful erotic images in your mind, an exciting scenario… After that, you will be free to play the scenario of your dreams, and your subconscious will let your most intimate desires arise. At the end of this sensual night you will cum together with the two beautiful women and you will have an incredibly strong, long and intense hypnotic orgasm.

So are you ready to enjoy this divine night?


This French erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!
  • You will feel strong sensations of excitement and pleasure
  • During the hypnotic scanner induction, you won’t be able to open your eyes and you will feel your entire body becoming more and more erogenous and extremely aroused
  • You will experience an erotic fantasy with two women and you will feel everything just as if it was real
  • You will have a wonderful and very intense hypnotic orgasm / hands free orgasm (HFO)
  • This hypnosis contains some multi-voice effects to help you to enter deeply into this experience
  • Post hypnotic suggestions:
    You will be more confident in your life in general and in regard to women.
    Energy and nice feeling of having experienced a very exciting erotic night with two beautiful women.
  • This hypnotic audio is designed for men

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  1. Question

    Quelqu’un peut m’envoyer la séance par mail en mp3 s’il vous plaît sa coûte trop chère pour moi, merci d’avance. !!

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  2. One person found this helpful

    (verified owner)

    Expérience intéressante… Calice a une voix très sensuelle et une bonne connaissance des techniques d’hypnose ericksonienne 😉

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  3. Eros

    Terrible avec 3 femmes

    Merci mais l ai déjà réaliser avec deux et trois belle femme..sa ne s oubli jamais.

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  4. jeanpaulrase

    O O O Oxtraordinaire

    (verified owner)

    Une capacité incroyable de nous emmener dans un autre univers. J’ai beau essayer d’ouvrir les yeux je n’y arrive pas, tant la voix s’infiltre dans les neurones, les veines, le coeur… qui bat différemment. Non il ne va pas mal le coeur, il bat avec une intensité nouvelle, avec le désir d’avancer dans le plaisir, le fantasme sans limites. L’0 0 0 O O O…… comme jamais vécu. Nous avons à faire à de la c art diologie préventive qui maintient au meilleur niveau l’équilibre de notre coeur de notre corps de nos fantasmes et de notre esprit. Que souhaiter de plus comme bilan médical de rentrée ? Vous voulez rester en bonne santé 2018-2019 ? Moi oui. Je continue l’aventure. A votre santé Calice. A la santé de toutes et de tout ceux qui veulent kiffer la vie et ses plaisirs par le biais des sessions audio de Calice. Jp

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