HFO Hypnosis – Enjoy Intense Sensations of Pleasure

NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!

Experience how Calice guides you to the most intense sensations of pleasure. Enjoy the feeling of your body becoming more and more sensitive to her sensual, erotic whispers. Her words, caressing you… penetrating you… until you finally explode in a long, powerful and mindblowing hands free orgasm (HFO).


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Follow Calice into deep trance and experience how your whole body will become extremely sensitive. Feel the intense sexual arousal as her soothing words caress your body and mind to lead you to a wonderful and intense hands free orgasm.


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Experience a wonderful & very intense hands free orgasm!

Have you ever experienced an extremely powerful orgasm? An orgasm that transports you to a state of extreme enjoyment? An orgasm that transports you to a state of ecstasy?

You know, this state where all your senses are exacerbated, this state where all your sensations are increased tenfold. A state of fullness where you can forget the present so that only you remain … and the pleasure!

Thanks to hypnosis we can handle our sensations, play with their intensity, model them to measure. So imagine how it would be if you could feel an orgasm multiplied by 10, multiplied by 100, multiplied by 1000 or more …

When you find yourself in your daily life you live in a kind of “Matrix”, a world where conditioning and beliefs can limit what you can feel or experience. When you enter into a state of hypnosis, you become freer, everything becomes possible, every word can create a sensation, every imagined element creates your new reality. It is a world without limits, a world where thought, imagination and intention creates reality.

In this experience, you will be faced with a choice: I will give you two pills, and you will have to choose one of them.

You could take the blue pill and do not listen to this audio. Continue to live in the world you know, where your feelings are limited by what you call your “reality”.

Or, you can take the red pill and I will guide you to the most intense sensations of pleasure! Gradually your whole body will turn into an erogenous zone, extremely erogenous, extremely sensitive to my words that will caress and penetrate you. Finally, this sensual massage will end with a long, strong and powerful hypnotic orgasm!

So are you ready to follow me to Wonderland?


This French erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!
  • You will feel strong sensations of excitement and pleasure
  • You will feel my words caress your body
  •  You will feel a full body experience of sexual arousal
  •  You will experience a wonderful and very intense hands free orgasm (HFO)
  • This audio contains some multi voice effects to help you to enter deeply into this
  • Post hypnotic suggestions: Energy and nice feeling of having experimented a very
    exciting erotic experience
  • This hypnotic audio is for both men and women

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  1. Pierre

    A work of art | Une oeuvre d'art

    (verified owner)

    One f the rare french hypnotist I truly enjoy listening, for she focuses on the power of evocation with an hard-to-match softness. Deliciously irresistible!

    Je suis aussi conquis que Guillaume ; si, après avoir écouté ces audios en libre-accès, la voix de Calice ne vous a pas laissé(e) indifférent(e), faites-vous plaisir ! Je suis personnellement ravi d’encourager un travail de cette qualité, réalisé avec un soin raffiné. Calice a dans la voix un agréable vent de fraîcheur mêlé au parfum de l’hypnose érotique ; un délice !

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  2. tomy

    (verified owner)

    I never achieved hfo and i thought that maybe by listening a french file (my mother language), it would help but apparently that wasn t only because of that but i keep hoping it will come and keep listening. About the file it was totally different from what i experienced before and i recommand it.

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  3. mcsmillenium

    sous le charme.

    (verified owner)

    Merci beaucoup Calice pour cette aventure exceptionnelle.
    Totalement charmé par ta voix, elle m’a transporté avec une grande facilité.
    Ce fichier ma permis de vivre des sensations extraordinaire qui on durée près d’une heure après la fin de l’écoute.
    Hâte d’être guider vers un nouveau voyage.
    Encore merci.

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