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We sell your erotic Hypnoses!

You are actively producing erotic hypnoses and are searching for an easy and safe way to sell them online? Or maybe you would like to have an alternative shop to increase your impressions and get more people to know about you and your work. No matter if you join us exclusively or non-exclusively, selling your files through has only advantages for you!


Your advantage as a partner:

NO STRESS! – We will do all the work for you!

This includes:

– Creating a professional shop for your MP3 and/or videos on our site
– Managing content and customer service
Social media & newsletter promotions (8500+ subscribers!)
– NC-17/X-Rating: This protection will make selling your MP3 completely legal and worry free!
Supporting you in many other projects, e.g. creating or helping you with your own website, social media profiles and more
No costs for you! No risk for you! is completely legal – One of our main advantages is that we are a properly registered company in Germany that pays taxes. No offshore company as middleman. No fiscal pitfalls. No grey areas. This means that you can sell your hypnosis safely, risk free and legal!
– And the best: You will receive 70% of the win as a share!
(65% for non-exclusive contracts)

Exclusive artists receive additional benefits and services, including professional audio editing of your sessions, free downloads of stock images, video production for samples or free sessions, setup of your own newsletter, etc.

There are a few requirements for your MP3 files, however. Surely, you can understand. We will not sell hypnoses with radical or illegal content, particularly, with the following type of topics: Scat, underage/minors, depiction of violence of any kind, financial domination or addiction, therapeutic hypnoses


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