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Lady Tara’s “Sleep for Me”

Free Hypnosis "Sleep for Me" by Lady Tara

This recording is a comletely free hypnosis MP3 from Hypnotic Lady Tara. This free hypnosis session works very well for people who want to give erotic hypnosis a first try. It will help you to relax and has no sexual content.

It’s also very good in order to practice falling into a deep trance through Lady Tara’s soothing voice. We hope you enjoy it!

After listening to this file, you will drift into a deep state of relaxation, whenever Lady Tara says the words “sleep for me” – you will love it!


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Lady Surrender’s “Entranced – Broken for your Goddess”

Become entranced by your GoddessYou have a hypno-fetish or difficulties experiencing trance? This sensual and effective free fractionation hypnosis by Lady Surrender will drop you deep into incredibly arousing and mindless trance.

Find yourself entranced… entrapped in waves of erotic mindlessness. Dropping into the most blissful state of trance with every number she counts down.

Feel free to use this recording as stand alone fractionation or as a fractionation induction for Lady Surrender’s Entranced Series or any other hypnosis.


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