Wet Diaper – Lady Surrender’s Adult Baby Hypnosis Series!

With extensive experience in Age Play & Regression hypnosis, Lady Surrender has a special series for all the little boys and girls out there. Get your diaper ready for this permanent incontinence training session!

ABDL: Wet Diaper 2

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Lady Surrender, the nurturing mistress mommy of your dreams, has another powerful hypnosis for you. After this hypnotic incontinence training, your subconscious mind will crave to be permanently incontinent!

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The Adult Baby & Age Regression Series

My sweet one – time to put your diaper on and obey all My hypnotic suggestions. Every time you listen to this recording – you instantly wet your diaper. My voice triggers your subconscious mind to pee your diaper.

Your subconscious mind runs all your behaviour programmes – including your continence/incontinence behaviour.

Your subconscious mind craves being permanently incontinent.

I am now taking control of your subconscious mind and using My powerful erotic hypnosis to embed permanent incontinence in your subconscious mind.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Permanent Incontinence training
  • Diaper fetish
  • Nurturing Goddess and hypnodomme
  • ASMR, L & R tracks, Echo effects
  • Repetition training
  • Mind control
  • Age regression, ABDL
  • Deep brainwashing
  • Theta Brain wave attunement music
  • No humiliation
  • Gender Neutral – suitable for My little boys & girls
  • Loop Recording

No Induction – For this hypnosis script to overcome your previous “potty training” & early socialisation to NOT wear diapers – please use My induction for deep hypnotic embedding: “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3.


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4 reviews

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  1. stschmid

    Great, but...

    (verified owner)

    My dear Lady Surrender,
    thanks for this hypnosis!

    But it doesn‘t work at all…
    I tried so hard, wet diaper 1 first, every day, since last week. Then wet diaper 2, every day at morning, the evening and at night.
    To support, I‘d loaded „deepening hypnosis“.
    But – at all I‘m not really incontinent jet…
    I‘ve got that great and deep craving to be permenently incontinent, can you help ne?

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  2. Isaac Spade

    i can't stop wetting my diapers

    I listened to this hypnosis, and I soaked 3 diapers and it isn’t even noon here at the i’m writing this. Goodbye bladder contol Hello Diapers.

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  3. Mike

    Absolutely FANTASTIC - Dreams Achieved

    (verified owner)

    June 30, 2018
    Dearest Mistress Surrender
    I am the happiest hypnopet you could possibly imagine. Your supreme hypnotic control and exceptional talent has given me the greatest gift I could possibly imagine.
    As you know I downloaded your wonderful Wet in Diapers file and Deepening Hypnosis file a year ago and had wonderful success with them, learning to wet my diapers naturally and easily.
    As I wrote before I’ve been in diapers 24 x 7 for over 30 years and my goal for over 20 years has been to use my diapers just like a little baby. Without any warning, conscious thought or possible control.
    After using Wet in Diapers, I wet my diapers naturally and easily, but I was aware I had to pee, so simply wet my diapers. After all that’s what my diapers are for, as Mistress had taught me.
    Still I was a bit disappointed that I still knew I had to pee, and it was sort of like I was ‘letting’ myself let go and wet my diaper. Not just having it happen like a baby.
    I’d forgotten that I’d bought Wet in Diapers 2 about 6 months ago, and came across it when I was re-organizing my new iPod files and playlists.
    I decided to embark on a new retraining program, and listened to Deepening Hypnsosis every morning and evening and Wet in Diapers 1 for a week. I really felt the craving and need for my diapers and looked so forward to wetting in diapers.
    Then I started using Deepening Hypnosis and Wet in Diapers 2 every morning, evening and just before bed. I seemed to really ‘zone out’ part way through the Wet in Diapers 2 sessions but woke up knowing I was now permanently incontinent. Mistress has set my Continence/Incontinence switch to permanently incontinent.
    By the third day I was soaked every morning, and was wetting without thought or warning all day long. I was needing to change 4 to 5 times a day now as my diapers were soaked after just a few hours. It was incredible. I had NO idea or warning I had to pee. It just happened, and I could feel the pleasure of helplessly and uncontrollably wetting my diaper and knowing I am permanently incontinent.
    To my surprise, and utter enjoyment, I woke up yesterday with a messy diaper. I had poopood my diaper while sleeping, and remained asleep all night. Just after breakfast, I felt a little gas, and was surprised to poopoo my diaper again. And again after supper. Three messy diapers without any warning or contol.
    To my mind, incontinent means no bladder and bowel control, and since I am now permanently incontinent, I wet AND mess in diapers all the time.
    Last night, another messy diaper, and today two more so far.
    I am wetting and messing just like a little baby and could not be happier.
    I told a baby friend about my success, and she wanted a copy of Wet in Diapers 2 for herself, so I bought her one yesterday and she’s going to start her own regimen to become permanently incontinent like I am.
    We are so grateful for you wonderful files and extreme skill to help us big babies truly experience ourselves as babies should

    Your devoted fan and admirer.

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  4. fb

    Wet Diaper Training 1&2


    i got Your Wet Diaper Training file a few months ago and i managed to listen to it on a fairly regular basis before getting a bit spooked at how i was losing bladder control when i would wear diapers. i stopped for a bit, but couldn’t help starting to listen again and reveling in the relaxation and how my bladder weakened so easily as soon as i felt the wonderful comfort of my diaper. i feel so little, safe, and happy…. and those feelings kinda intensify as i find myself peeing helplessly and feeling the warm, wet sensations spread.

    i had to get Your new Wet Diaper Training 2…. but i have to admit that i’m rather scared about this one. i listened to it and felt even better than i did listening to the first one…. feeling even more safe and little as i enjoy Your voice and Your programming. The more You softly tell me that i will now be permanently incontinent…. i have this strange mix of happiness and a bit of fear…. but i want to listen to this more.
    – fb

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