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Erotic hypnosis MP3 for every fetish!

Erotic hypnosis that will blow your mind!

You are looking for erotic hypnosis, fetish audio plays or femdom hypnosis MP3? You have that one particular fetish that you cannot live out in real life? You are interested in BDSM or feminizations, but don't dare to try it for real? Our shop will help you to fulfill all your sexual desires. With our erotic hypnosis recordings, you will be able to live out your fetish right from the comfort of your own home. Just add your MP3 to the cart, purchase it and receive it within minutes - Download it to your computer and start your journey into new sexual heights!

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$31,00 incl. VAT

Enter the sub space – A world of dominance and submission. Feel your mind melting, as you are before your Goddess, helpless, open to all her commands. When you return, all that’s left is intense arousal! Continue reading

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$27,00 incl. VAT

In the first session of her new series, Lady Surrender will have complete control over your mind and your memories. Listen to this file. Wake up incredibly aroused. But remember nothing. Continue reading

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