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Erotic Maledom & Gay Hypnosis by Master Jay

Discover Master Jay's collection of intense maledom and gay hypnosis sessions. All of his erotic hypnosis MP3 are safe and offer pleasurable and erotic experiences that allow you to enjoy all of your secret desires and indulge in a variety of sexual fetishes.

No matter if you are looking for a sexy male voice dropping you into deep trance, seductive gay hypnosis, submissive training, intense cock worship, cum eating or cock sucking fantasies, maledom and humiliation or slave hypnosis - Master Jay will drop you deeper then ever before. Deeper into trance. Deeper into sexual arousal. Deeper into your submissive side.

Become hypnotized now and experience intense pleasure and deliciously addictive gay hypnosis!

Erotic Hypnosis for every sensual desire:

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