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French Erotic Hypnosis by Calice is proud to present one of France’s most seductive voices: CALICE. Drop deep into trance and let the soothing voice of this talented French hypnodomme carry you away into another world.

Friend, lover, mistress, muse or fantasy … She is all the women and none of them at the same time.

Sometimes, you will play together and she will be one of the protagonists in your erotic game. She will be the one your thoughts imagine and draw … She could be a person you know, an unknown or a stranger … At other times, her presence will fade and her voice will become a murmur, a color, a shiver, a breath, a vibration, a sensation … She will disappear completely to melt into the adventure, so that only you remain … and the pleasure.

Enjoy Calice’s seductive hypnotic sessions now and browse through her growing collection of French erotic hypnosis.

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$39,00 incl. VAT

Who hasn’t dreamed of a blissful and erotic night with two seductive women? Make your fantasies come true and experience a wonderful threesome with two divine ladies, ending in an intense and long hypnotic orgasm. Continue reading

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$35,00 incl. VAT

Follow Calice into deep trance and experience how your whole body will become extremely sensitive. Feel the intense sexual arousal as her soothing words caress your body and mind to lead you to a wonderful and intense hands free orgasm.

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$30,00 incl. VAT

Drop deep and feel intense sensations of desire, excitement and pleasure in Calice’s secret room. Her favorite practice? Bondage! This French BDSM hypnosis will leave you hungry for more! Continue reading

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$10,00 incl. VAT

FREE STREAM! – Learn to intensively feel each sensation that emerges and develops inside you. Follow Calice’s voice, and experience a growing feeling of pleasure. Enjoy how her voice guides you to explore it and turn up the intensity! Continue reading

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