Total submission and devotion. Nothing more; nothing less. In this erotic hypnosis MP3, you will not only hand over the key to your subconscious mind to Dark Freya, you will also feel a rush of devotion and submission every time you touch a key. And then you will immediately know, who your mistress is!




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Short description:

Take the second step to becoming Dark Freya’s little slave* toy. You will be trained like a little dog to always remember what you are: Your mistress’ property and submissive sub!

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  • Description

    Feel Complete Mental Submission every time you touch a Key!

    This will be the second step to your complete mental submission to me. That’s right my little slave* boy. It is time to condition you for complete and total submission and devotion. You’re going to be trained like a little pet. Because this is what brainwashing is really about. About forcing this conditioning onto you every single day.

    After you have listened to this erotic hypnosis, every single time you touch any kind of key, my name will echo through your mind while you are filled with submission and devotion. That’s it, little boy. Nothing more. And yet, this trigger will go off multiple times a day. Every single time you are conditioned for submission a little bit deeper.

    Can you imagine what this trigger is going to do to you long term? Over days? Weeks? Month? Because that’s the beauty of this trigger. Sooner or later you will be completely devoted to Me.


    This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

    • True submission to Dark Freya – She will be your Mistress!
    • Every time you touch a key you will hear Dark Freya’s name
    • You will also feel a sense of devotion and submission running through you
    • This is real – You will become completely devoted to her!


    *The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. Erotic-Hypnosis.com and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

  • Reviews (4)
  • Reviews (4)

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    5 out of 5 stars

    4 reviews

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    1. Rocky


      Rocky (verified owner)

      This is a outstanding sequel to Mine part 1. I will never think of any key the same way again. I hope that Mistress Dark Freya will release Mine part 3 soon. This is a great way to be controlled by Mistress Dark Freya on a much deeper level. Highly recommended.

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    2. Mike

      Mike (verified owner)

      Mine II, continues and expands upon Mine I. The recording itself is mesmerizing, as all of Dark Freya’s recordings are. And i now have exponentially expanded the number of ‘reminders’ as to who controls me. The triggers or reminders are inconspicuous and gentle. i believe these are having an impact…i just don’t know the extent…yet! i cannot wait for the next installment. Dark Freya reminds you to be careful for what you wish for. its too late.

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    3. moivoiture

      The best hypnotist on earth.

      moivoiture (verified owner)

      Hello Mistress Dark Freya…I wanted to ask if you can give me daily tasks for me to do so that i can go deeper please..My first file was “Perfect Litlle Maid” at first i just wanted to have fun with my fetish of crossdressing and feel a litlle bit feminine..And after this file i couldn’t resist anymore i bought like 4 more files…Before you i didnt really like to be called “Slave” and things like this but after the “Mine 1” i had no choice except to give in…I really didnt expected to go this deep,even Lady Tara hadnt me go this deep into such things as femdom,i hope that “Mine 3” will be very soon released, and while waiting can you please Mistress Freya give me some Daily personal tasks to do,i really really need it.

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    4. Anthony


      Anthony (verified owner)

      Having listened to Mine! step one I was eager for step two and was not disappointed. Dark Freya lets me bring my hypnotic world into the real world and incorporate it into even the most mundane tasks. Being reminded of her throughout the day is a relief, and I await the next Mine! with bated breath. Dark Freya has a note of authority in her voice that is simply compelling no matter what recording of hers you choose.

      Strongly recommended for the discerning sub.

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