Spellbound in a State of Complete Confusion

This intense erotic femdom hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst will leave you completely confused and mindless. Find yourself weaving in and out of coherence and incoherence… your brain eventually giving up trying to make sense of all of it.

Tangled Brain

Short description:

If you are a submissive who loves to feel as if your mind has been wiped away by a beautiful, enchanting woman, leaving you spellbound in a state of complete confusion, this is the session for you!

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Tying Your Brain Into Knots

I really don’t want to give too many details about this session, because it could potentially ruin the effect. This is what I will tell you, though…..

After a nice long progressive relaxation induction, with a whispery secondary voice track, I will lead you into a world of jumbled-up confusion. The words may not make sense, which was intentional. The specific words I chose may weave in and out, forming a knot of thoughts, and again, this was intentional.

This session wasn’t meant to make sense. It wasn’t meant to form a nice, neat, straight line from here to there. It was meant to weave you in and out of coherence and incoherence, so that your brain eventually gives up trying to make sense of it, and you slip right down into coma state hypnosis.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • Themes: Femdom, Layered Whispers, Empty Mind, Mindlessness, Confusion
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track
  • Brainwaves – Gradually down to 4 Hz
  • Not Gender Specific
  • Triggers Used: SLIP (without snap) NOW (subtle), Black Out, Fade Out, Deep, Down,
  • No Finger Snaps
  • Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands
  • No Amnesia Suggestions, but it’s very possible to experience amnesia, merely from the depth you are likely to experience.
  • No Fractionation
  • No Humiliation
  • No Cum Command
  • Awakening Command
  • No Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress

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