Intense Sissification – Deep Sissy Conditioning

In this sissy training session, Lady Surrender will program your horny sissy mind to respond to sissy triggers for arousal. 

Sissy Training 27 – Sissy Sex

Short description:

This session of Lady Surrender’s intensive sissy training is the perfect recording to start with, if you are looking for deliciously arousing sissy sex hypnosis.

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32:26 minutes for only $27,00 incl. VAT
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you are not a real man.
you were born with the wrong genitals.
you are a sissy.

Programming that slutty sissy mind of yours to respond to sissy sex triggers for arousal. As you and I know – the mind is the most important sex organ in the body.

Because your programming as a male has resulted in triggers for hetero sexual arousal, I am now rewiring a new erotic hypnosis program that runs those sexy arousal triggers for sissy sex… hard man cock… sissy clitty… sissy pussy… feminine make-up… swallowing cum…


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Intensive sissy conditioning & programming
  • Erotic whispered trigger phrases that capture your subconscious mind and body
  • ASMR repeated through the full length of the recording
  • Hypnotic trigger phrases
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Echo sound effects, L & R sound tracks and layered whispers
  • Permission to release & cum while listening to this sexy sissy programming
  • Loop recording

This loop recording does not have an induction. You will need to listen to my FREE “Surrender: Entranced Induction” File.

If you have difficulty in experiencing trance, I recommend you use My deep hypnotic trance file “Deepening Hypnosis“. This file will train your mind to deeply absorb My hypnotic programming and can be used to deepen your trance and longing for submission.

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