Craving: Helpless Prey – Third Night

The mysterious Succubus returns and claims you as her helpless prey. Listen to this erotic hypnosis and find yourself coming to in her dungeon.. watching her, as she reaches for her riding crop…

Helpless Prey – Succubus Third Night

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Short description:

You awaken with her hand covering your mouth… Smell her intoxicating and brainwashing perfume and become knocked out. As you come to, you are in her dungeon… Tied to her rack. You better get ready to feel her riding crop…!

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Breathe deep, my helpless prey…

Breathe in My brainwashing fragrance that will knock you out!

She returns… to claim what She wants. She is ruthless in Her pursuit as She places Her spell on your mind & body… awakens you with Her hand over your mouth…

You awaken… come to… in Her dungeon! And watch her, as She picks up Her riding crop…


I recommend listening to the first and second part of this series, before you listen to this recording:

In the first Night – “Helpless Prey – Succubus First Night” – She comes at night as your lover. Her kisses on your eyelids leave you unable to see, as She sighs with Her desire to have you… helpless – to have more of you!

In Her second night – “Helpless Prey – Succubus Second Night” – She binds your cock with Her silk stockings, as Her hands control you & bring you to orgasm!

The fetishes in this recording are Lady Surrender‘s main fetishes that She will inscribe on Her helpless prey’s mind.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Stocking & Silk fetish
  • My brainwashing fragrance
  • My dungeon
  • Bondage & Discipline – BDSM
  • Ruined orgasm
  • orgasm control
  • Combined Voice/Erotic Whisper ASMR recording
  • Hypnotic Triggers & Post Hypnotic Triggers that have you longing to become her helpless succubus prey
  • No Induction: This is a loop!
  • Prior listening to my FREE foundation file “Surrender: Entranced Induction” is recommended

This loop recording does not have an induction. You will need to listen to my FREE foundation file “Surrender: Entranced Induction”. This file intensively programs your mind & body to accept all my hypnotic suggestions.


The Helpless Prey Series:
Succubus First Night  |  Succubus Second Night  |  Succubus Third Night

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  1. dolly doll

    The detail is amazing...

    I have been fortunate enough to have experienced Lady Surrender’s Hypnotic ways for a long time now. Over time I have seen Her grow and develop a skill set that is amazingly effective and compelling. It is no exaggeration to say this is in my opinion Her best work yet.

    The file starts of so sultry and seductive, that always compelling voice, but it takes a turn as She manipulates You with Her scent, and you will love it and follow willingly. I’ve never been so aroused and hooked into a file so instantly. Its full of triggers from previous files that assault Your sub conscious and pull You down.

    The perfume is a great touch as someone who loves pheromone control in sci-fi and the asmr, whispers, heels it all adds to the effect. It leaves You feeling helpless, exposed and devoted. It built a need in me I’ve never felt, an aching I can do nothing about but fall and obey.

    The detail is amazing you can picture it all so perfectly which draws you in more, you end up like the prey She makes You, helpless, lost but craving Her, knowing it is dangerous but not caring.

    For me the seductive voice is the best, She knows She has You and the soft voice hides the danger You know is there and You fall oh so willingly.

    I won’t spoil it anymore but for me its a must have, I love being Hers and this has bound me to Her even more, I crave to please Her its all I want to do and I love it.

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