Know your place, hypnotic slave!

Listen to Master Jay’s soft, seductive voice and drift into deep trance. Find yourself repeating his slave mantras as you fall under his spell and become more and more obedient to all your master’s commands.

Good Slaves Obey

Short description:

Submit and experience how Master Jay will drop you deep into trance. Find yourself deep under his spell and begin to realize your place as His hypnotic and obedient slave.

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Experience Intense Slave* Training!

This long erotic Maledom hypnosis recording will guide you to an intense slave training experience. First, I will put your conscious mind to sleep using my soft and seductive voice that I know you just can’t resist. I will then take away all control from your subconscious mind so that I can easily make you submit to me. Once you are all nice and dolled up, you will repeat some slave mantras for me to reinforce your training.

Two intense waves of trigger words (sleep, slave, deep, drop, submit and more) follow, reducing to mush what’s left of your brain and plunging you deep under my spell.

At the end of this intense experience I’m going to wake you up from trance. You will feel refreshed and you will subconsciously know your place as my hypnotic slave, my beloved toy to be played around with, mindlessly obeying all of Master’s commands whenever you come back to be hypnotized by me again.

Come submit to me, my pet, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • This hypnosis contains two inductions (one after the other), slave hypnosis elements and repeating mantras.
  • There is no direct masturbation instruction or erotic release but it’s not forbidden by the hypnotist to help yourself either.
  • There is a wake up command at the end. You will wake up feeling refreshed after your intense slave training, knowing how good Master made you feel.
  • The recording contains layered audio tracks, binaural beats and background music.
  • Best used if you are looking for: slave hypnosis by a powerful Master to take your mind away for a long while, feeling submissive and obedient, mindless and happy to be in your place.
  • Triggers you will find include: slave hypnosis, mantra repetition, obedience, losing control, feeling submissive, feeling mindless and more.



*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

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