Invaded by the desire to be porn

This sissy hypnosis will leave you with a strong desire to record your own sissy porn. But you will not only produce it, you will also upload your porn flicks so real men can enjoy and get off on your sissy porn!

Sissy Pornstar!

Short description:

It’s time to make you a little pornstar, sissy! This hypnosis will install the desire to turn yourself into sexy sissy porn for real men.

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Turn yourself into sexy sissy porn for real men!

It’s time to make you a little porn star, sissy! Cause little sissy girls like you shouldn’t be watching porn that’s made for real men – they should be the porn for real men. 

This will install the desire to be nothing more than porn for men. Because you know becoming porn for real men is the ultimate surrender for a sissy. Just think about it. Once you put yourself out there, you have lost all control. Real men can use you to get off whenever they want. And you will never again be sure if there isn’t a real man jerking off to your sissy porn right now. Or a dozen. Can you imagine how this will change you? How this will deepen your sissyfication?

The effects will slowly play out after you have listened. You will desire to turn yourself into sexy sissy porn for real men. And every time you watch any porn, it will just reinforce your desire to produce some porn yourself. All your fantasies will be invaded by the desire to be porn. And over time you will end up getting the right wardrobe, the right toys, and you will turn yourself into porn. And upload it so that real men can enjoy you. 

Warning: This recording is designed to be highly manipulative. You will not instantly go and record sissy porn and upload it, but the idea will stick with you. It will slowly grow in your mind and work on you over a long time, reinforcing itself until you sooner or later give in. The hypnosis mentions potentially staying anonymous in your porn, but you will end up doing porn and putting yourself out there. Make sure it’s what you want, before you listen to this recording. 

This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • This recording will give you the desire to produce your own sissy porn
  • You will want to upload it so real men can get off on your sissy porn
  • Every time you watch porn, it will reinforce your desire to become porn
  • All your fantasies will slowly be invaded by the desire to be porn

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