You thought you could remove your sissification cravings…

In this erotic feminization hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst will drop you deep and show you your reflection and your potential sissy cravings… Which of them do you have? Some of them? All of them? Find yourself encircled by your secret sissy desires… absorbing them… intensifying them…

Corrupt Hypnotherapy – Sissy Mind Control

Short description:

You didn’t seriously think you could remove your sissification cravings, did you? In this sissy hypno session, Mistress Amethyst will trick you into magnifying your sissy desires and programs you until they are completely absorbed within you.

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Tricked Into Magnifying Your Sissy Cravings

Not so fast, sissy! How dare you think that you could come to me to help you remove your sissification cravings.

In your session today, I will be guiding you down into trance, just like any other hypnotherapy session. Once you are deep inside of your inner mind, I have you look into an inner mirror to see the reflections of potential sissy cravings. Maybe you have some of them or even all of the ones that appear in the mirror.

In this state, everything begins to change. Only the images that reflect your true inner urges will remain, and they begin to encircle you, faster and faster until the urges are actually absorbed within you.

I then plunge you into a profound brainwashing to intensify your desires. There’s no turning back now!


This erotic hypnosis contains the following features:

  • Themes: Feminization, sissification, sissy hypno, medical anesthesia
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper background tracks
  • Delta Brainwaves
  • Gender Specific: Male
  • Triggers Used: Deep, Down, but in a mild form
  • No Mistress Amethyst worship commands
  • Mild Amnesia Suggestions – Only pertaining to the reason you arrived in my office
  • No Fractionation
  • No Financial Domination
  • No Humiliation
  • No Cum Command
  • No Suggestions to buy more from Mistress Amethyst
  • Awakening

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