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In our shop for erotic hypnosis, fetish audio plays and femdom hypnosis mp3, you will find a vast variety of different premium and free erotic hypnosis downloads for any fetish. Particularly if you have a desire that cannot be easily fulfilled in real life – for example BDSM or feminizationfantasies you don’t dare to try for real.

Our shop will help you to fulfill all your sexual desires, without leaving your bed. Our hypnotic audio files will put you in a deep trance state, in wich everything feels as if it was real!

With our erotic hypnosis recordings, you will be able to live out your fetish right from the comfort of your own home. Just choose one of your favorite erotic hypnotists, add your erotic MP3 to the cart, purchase it and receive it within minutes – Download it to your computer and start your journey into new sexual heights!

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