Intense Sissification – Serve your Mistress

This erotic hypnosis will train you to obey and serve a Mistress of your choice. You will follow each and every command she gives you and serve her in any ways she pleases. 

Sissy Training 29 – Serve Mistress

Short description:

Become programmed to feel the overwhelming desire to serve a Mistress. She will dominate you and have total control over you and your sissy pussy. Your only wish will be to serve and follow her obediently.

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Enticement, Entrancement, Entrapment, Enslavement*.

I am programming you to serve a mistress who will dominate you, sissify you & control you completely!

Every time you listen to this recording, you will feel overwhelmed with the desire to serve a Mistress.

Every day in every way you will find ways to serve your Mistress… to make Her life easier, to obey all her instructions, to be the best sissy you can be.

There is no way out. No escape from your destiny of being an obedient little sissy.

Your Mistress owns your sissy pussy and your little sissy clitty. She has the right to command your sissy pussy to be fucked by hard man cock.

The inescapable truth is: You’re a sissy and your job is to serve a Mistress.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • The Hypnosis in this recording is going to train you to serve your Mistress & is not specifically linked to Lady Surrender. 
  • Combined Voice/ Erotic Whisper ASMR MP3 recording
  • Hypnotic Triggers & Post Hypnotic Triggers that have you longing to serve Mistress to have Her take control of your sissy clitty & sissy pussy
  • Erotic ASMR Whispers that slide right past your conscious mind, condition & program you to serve Mistress
  • Repetition training
  • Layered sound tracks using L & R tracks
  • Some echo effects
  • Loop recording: No Induction
  • Prior listening to my FREE induction “Surrender: The Foundation File” is recommended
  • No awakening instructions
  • NO permission to cum – As a sissy you don’t get to cum. Your job is to serve!

This loop recording does not have an induction. You will need to listen to my FREE induction “Surrender: The Foundation File”. This file intensively programs your mind & body to accept all my hypnotic suggestions.


*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

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