You´re looking for a way to sell your audio or video files?

Your are an erotic hypnotist and searching for a way to sell your MP3 to the world? Then ist the right place for you! We are now starting our new partner-program, that will give you the oppotunity to sell you own files right here on our website!

Your advantage as a partner:

NO STRESS!  We will do all the work for you!

This includes:

  • Creating a professional selling-site (click here for examples)
  • Writing professional SEO-text for your files
  • Selling on a high performance SSL secure server in Switzerland, owned by us!
  • Working together with a professional and responsible German business! (Not Togo, not the Philippines, etc.!)
    We are 100% legal and apporved. (Click here for our German site)
  • We have all possibilities to sell your MP3 and can offer you payment gateways like VISA, Mastercard and Wire Transfer
  • No costs for you! No risk for you!
  • And the best: You will receive 70% of the win as a share!


  • No invoices via oversea companies
  • Registred company in Germany
  • Officially approved by all out payment providers
  • VAT conform with the European law

Something you should not forget! Yes, we all have to pay tax! It sucks, but we´re sure you all can imagine what will happen if we don´t.
Thats why we will only work with artists that do not think that “not paying tax” is a great way to save money! If you work with us, all the money you receive from us is COMPLETLY legal! Yes, it´s less, because 35 USD gross ist not 35USD net! – because of the fucking tax! But you will be on the save side when it comes to your tax declaration!

For more information, email us at [email protected]