Become Dark Freya´s: “Mental Cuckold!

So you think Dark Freya is a safe choice as a bull cause she doesn’t have a cock? You’re so wrong. She will claim full control over your cock and make you her cuck. And once she’s done with you you will be unable to ever cum again while you’re inside of a woman. Simply because you won’t feel anything in your cock anymore while having sex. And it will make you so extremely horny that you can endure for hours, just to satisfy you partner. You are just her living dildo, her submissive little sextoy. And only once SHE is finished and you pull your cock out of her, you will helplessly shoot your load all over the bed! And you can’t do anything about it.

My Mental Cuckold

Short description:

Dark Freya will turn you into her mental cuckold! After this you will be unable to ever cum again while you’re inside of a woman.

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You think Dark Freya is a safe Choice as a Bull, cause she doesn´t have a Cock? Well, she just takes over yours! 

Don’t worry, cucky boy. You will still be able to have “Sex”. Or at least something that would resemble something similar to sex for anybody watching who doesn’t know that you are a mental cuck. Because as soon as you enter her, your cucky little dick – which will be my dick once i’m done with you – will simply go completely and totally numb. All you will be able to feel is just a dull sensation of pressure. And all the pleasurable sensation of feeling her wonderful pussy will be completely denied to you because you are my little cuck. You are just her living dildo, her obedient little cuck boy and slave. She get’s all the pleasure – and you get none. Of course the brutal denial you will experience will make you even harder, so you can function for her. 

Naturally you will also be blocked from ever having an orgasm inside of her again. The sperm of an inferior little cuck simply does not belong inside of a woman. However you will find that you helplessly shoot your load in front of her once she’s done with you. Just to drive home where you belong. And it doesn’t stop you from enjoying your hands in any way. If she allows you that privilege. 

Are you ready to accept your fate and become the cuck you were meant to be? And are you ready to finally give up the pleasure of pussy?

This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • You will be unable to feel “anything” while having sex – almost like a mental castration
  • And this will make you incredibly horny, so can please your partner as long as SHE wants to
  • You will become a servant an surrender to any woman, since
  • Once you partner is satisfied you will simply shoot your load as soon as  you’re out of her
  • You will never have an orgasm inside a woman again
  • your subconscious mind completely understands that little cucks were never meant to enjoy sex

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