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Do you get aroused at the mere thought of a dominant, skilled, hypnotic woman telling you what to do at the snap of Her fingers? Do you crave to be submissive and obedient to an adoring Mistress? Then you have finally found the HypnoDomme you have been searching for. You need a good mind fuck and I’m here to give it you. I will allow you to trance as deep and far as you dare, always there to keep you safe and so very naughty under My Helpless Deep Control. Strict but sensual hypnotic control is how you will learn to obey and worship Me, to let go, and allow Me to take you deep and hard.

Ms EroticHypnoticI’m a certified hypnotist and pro Domme in training. I say in training because the world of BDSM is a big one and I am always learning. A D/s relationship is a journey not a destination.

A few years back, I opened a typical, vanilla hypnosis practice but soon discovered the draw of erotic hypnosis to be so very alluring. Erotic hypnosis, writing and recording have become My absolute passion in life. By nature I’m a switch and in My opinion makes Me better suited to understand the needs, vulnerabilities and desires of a submissive, after all I’ve been on both sides. But make no mistake I’m a dominant, strong, seductive woman. Giving up control takes great strength and My respect and adoration for My subs shows. Boundaries, consent, safewords, triggers and trust are paramount to a Me.

I don’t expect your compliance out of fear or hardcore humiliation but out of reverence, trust and adoration to Me. you’ll crave to kneel and worship at My feet because I cherish all My good boys. I care deeply for My submissive boys and view your obedience to Me as a treasured gift, one in which I would never want to break or destroy.

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My goal for you is to find your authentic self. To be free to express your sexuality without judgement or shame. Do not underestimate the power of your own sexuality. To own who you are is to look deep inside and explore the kinks that arouse you. Sometimes they are the very kinks that make you feel ashamed, rejected, confused and guilty for feeling a particular way. Sexuality is a broad spectrum that deserves to be explored and deeply enjoyed, As long as no one is harmed, enjoy and explore. Hypnosis and BDSM are ways to discover who you are.

My hypnotic, silky words drip with seduction and dominance… you have no chance to escape Me, nor would you ever want to. Such beautiful sensuality in the balance between dominance and submission. Don’t you agree, good boy?

My seductive, commanding voice will echo in your head 24/7 and drive you insane with arousal and an unquenchable thirst to please Me. Resistance is useless unless you like to struggle, then struggle you will. I find begging and squirming to be quite stimulating for Me, actually.

I allow My pets to call Me Ms Lisa and if you are granted that opportunity, I OBEY MS LISA will emerge as a phrase that will be become a permanent part of who you are.

Ms Lisa

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