Inevitable… irresistible… submission to your Goddess!

Drop into deep, mindless erotic trance and listen to Lady Surrender’s soft, seductive whispers. Surrender your mind and body to your Goddess and feel how you become more and more submissive… craving more and more of her erotic hypnosis… it will feel so good to serve and please Lady Surrender.

Morning Mantra of Submission

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After this delicious erotic slave training hypnosis, you will find yourself feeling submissive and eager to serve your Goddess… longing for Her exquisite control as you surrender yourself completely.

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Surrender your Mind & Body to your Goddess

Look deeply into My eyes…
Breathe in the Mantra I have given you.
Craving… longing to surrender.

Longing to kneel and surrender your mind and body to the enchanting Lady Surrender.
I know how much you long to feel My exquisite control, as you surrender your mind & body to your Goddess.

I know how much your mind is consumed with desire for more and more addictive trance. As My voice and My whispers become embedded within you… you feel erotically mindless… deeply submissive.

Inevitable… irresistible… submission to your Goddess.

This recording leaves you feeling submissive and eager to devote yourself to serving Lady Surrender.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Countdown Induction
  • Slave* training
  • Submission training
  • Mantra programming
  • Erotic Whispers / ASMR
  • Left & right whisper track programming
  • Gender Neutral
  • Loop recording


NEW: Add a Customized Erotic Whisper Track
Feel Lady Surrender take control of your mind… from the moment She whispers your name!


*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

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  1. Jenny Rose

    Anxious to hear more

    This is my second induction file that I’ve listened to now. I choose this as #2 because I didn’t feel like the first one did much besides really light a sexually charged fire inside of me. I figured I’ll continue with inductions hoping as I move into more of the other files that I’ll truly be under the control of Goddess Lady Surrender. Since listening to the first induction 7 times I can’t lie, I totally have this weird fantasy of being under her control and letting her use me sexually for her pleasure and mine. The thought of her telling me to surrender, get on my knees and masterbate really excites me. Or even bringing me to orgasm without me touching myself, yes please! Lol. After listening to this second file 2x now I’m becoming more of a believer. Her voice resonates inside my mind all day long even when I’m at work. I actually find myself anxious to get home so I can put my earbuds in and hear more of her files. It’s hard to explain but it’s almost as if I feel like I know her and she’s speaking to me and only me even though I know she’s not. The sexual energy and desire I have throughout the day is rather distracting and the last couple days it’s been difficult to get work done. I was highly skeptical of this erotic hypnosis stuff but I’m beginning to believe it might actually be having some effects on me. I began listening to this file sitting at my desk at work and last night my husband and I had sex while I was listening to Goddess. He actually texted me today while I was shopping and asked if we could do that again. I asked him if he liked it and he said he’s never felt that kind of sexual energy with me like he did last night. He told me it felt like I was having an orgasm the entire time. Even though I wasn’t I have to agree with him that sex felt different for sure because everything he did to me felt like it was 1000x better than it ever has before. We’ve been using vibrators and toys for years and last night was the first time I had multiple orgasms without him needing to use a toy to help bring me to orgasm. I found that fascinating and almost as if these files are kinda like a sex toy themselves. I highly recommended listening to these files while having sex with your partner. You will thank me later. I’m going to move on to more files now and I am more than anxious to hear more of Goddess.

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