The Mental Cuckold

After listening to this recording of ViVe you will be a mental cuck. You will still be able to have sex, but you won’t feel anything when you are in her. And it will be completely impossible to have an orgasm. And with every thrust you will become more and more numb, and be deeper locked into a state of being completely cucked.

The Mental Cuckold

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After listening to this recording you will be a mental cuckold. You will still be able to have sex, but you won’t feel anything when you are in her!

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Are you ready for the ultimate cuckold experience?

Be prepared to become a true cuckold. Your mind will be completely chanced and you will loose your ability to cum inside of your girlfriend or wife (or any woman!).  Ant the more you try to cum inside of her, the more you will accept your fate as a cuckold!

But no worries, little cuck boy. You can still have all the sex with your hand you want. After all, that’s just what sex should be for a little cuck like you.

And to really reinforce your status as a helpless cuck, you will find that once you withdraw from her and the sensation will return to your cock, you will helplessly shoot your load in front of her. And there will be nothing you can do to stop it, it will simply happen. This will reinforce your place as a cuck, not only in your mind, but also in hers. She will learn that it’s her pleasure that’s important, not yours. And after it happened a few times, she will know what you are good for – and what not. And treat you accordingly.

And let’s be real – at this point all you can do is accept it and make it permanent. Normally the effects of this file stay for three weeks after you listen. If you listen during the three weeks, the duration will reset to three weeks. But as an added little temptation – after you have listened to this recording for at least ten times, you have the option to embrace your state as a mental cuck even deeper and make it permanent. You just have to write the word “cuck” on your cock, listen to the recording, and you will never be able to feel how a warm, wet, and welcoming pussy feels like.

Be aware what you are getting into, little cuck. Even just the three weeks will leave you changed. You will never have felt that cucked. And well – once she realizes the pattern – it’s really over for you anyway. Which will just increase the temptation to accept it and make it permanent. But that’s a concern for another day, now isn’t it cuck?

So are you ready to embrace your life as a complete mental cuck?


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • You will be a mental cuck for three weeks
  • You will feel nothing while you have sex with her – but are able to masturbate freely
  • It will be impossible to have an orgasm while in her
  • After you are done and out, you will helplessly shoot your load in front of her
  • You can make it permanent after listening ten times


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