Maledom and Gay Hypnosis

Erotic Maledom & Gay Hypnosis by Master Jay

Welcome to my page. My name is Master Jay, I am a male hypnotist and I love making erotic hypnosis.

I’ve been into hypnosis for as long as I can remember and always thought there was a lack of hypno maledomonline, so I decided to give it a try myself. Feedback was great, so I continued.

I love the erotic side of hypnosis. While most artists like to focus on other aspects of the mind, I’m more into the pleasure side. I think hypnosis should be a safe and pleasurable experience that not only leaves you feeling good physically, but mentally as well.

My style can vary from file to file. I especially enjoy being loving and caring towards my subs but I can be dominant as well. I love weaving the strangest fantasies, carrying you deep into them and guiding you to your sweet release. I especially enjoy making files for men because I can relate to them better.

Come escape into my world.
Yes, that’s it. Closer. Deeper. Sleep. Good pet.

Of course my main goal on is to give you exactly what a male hypnotist should: gay hypnosis, submissive training, cock worship, cum eating, cock sucking fantasies, slave hypnosis and much, much more; all aimed at giving you the most pleasure possible. I also like using sleep hypnosis as a gateway and introduction to a deeper and more pleasurable experience, you’ll hear what I mean in my files.

You will find that all my files contain binaural beats, layered audio tracks and whispers to give you the best trance experience, so make sure you listen to them using headphones.

Maledom & Gay Hypnosis Sessions by Master Jay:

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