Please and worship your Master’s feet!

Enjoy this erotic foot fetish hypnosis and get to know your place as Master Jay‘s submissive puppet. Please and serve him as your dominant Master and obey all of his foot worship commands.

Submit and Worship Master’s Feet

Short description:

In this Maledom foot worship fantasy, you will believe that your foot is in fact your Master’s and you will begin to worship it exactly as He commands you.

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Feel extremely submissive by worshipping your Master’s feet!

This erotic hypnosis was originally named “worship your own feet”, and you’ll see why. I suggest you sit with both of your legs crossed one over the other to better experience this fantasy.

The file starts off with a 7-minute soft induction meant to relax you and disable part of your conscious mind. This will make it easier for you to imagine the fantasy that my soothing voice will weave for you.

The bulk of the session then begins with having you look at your own foot, noticing the details, playing around with it, touching your toes and your sole while my words take you deep into hypnosis. I will use your own foot as the catalyst to put you under hypnosis as you irresistibly fall prey of the sound of my voice.

Once you are deep under, you will be made very submissive and obedient to me, wanting to please and worship your Master. You will believe that your foot is in fact Master’s and you will begin to worship it exactly as I command you. The worshipping goes on for a long while, making sure you know your place as my submissive puppet, wanting to worship me as your dominant hypno Master, before waking you up from trance.

There is no orgasm or touching yourself in this file, it’s meant for people who are looking to feel extremely submissive by worshipping Master’s feet.

This recording is also suitable for anyone looking for some feet hypnosis or new ways of worshipping Master.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • This file contains an introductory soft induction and then a long induction using your own foot as the fixation point.
  • The file contains layered audio tracks, binaural beats and background music.
  • Best used if you are looking for: feet hypnosis, feet worshipping fantasies, submission deepening, feeling dommed into foot worship.
  • Triggers you will find include: foot worship, obedience, lots of making you feel submissive and obedient to a dominant male Master and more.

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