Become Aroused by wearing Make-Up!

Listen to Lady Surrender‘s soft whispers and become addicted to wearing make-up. Feel your arousal increasing, every time you put it on… every time you see it… every time you think about make-up!

Addicted to Make-Up

Short description:

This session will turn you into the perfect femme! Mascara, eye-liner, foundation, lipstick… After this erotic feminization, you will be addicted to wearing Make-Up and programmed to become aroused when you wear it… see it… or even think about it!

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Compelled… Addicted to… Craving… Make-Up!

Secretly admiring those pouty red lips in the latest make-up advert on tv… in the magazine?

In this feminization hypnosis, I take control of your secret admiration for feminine pouty lips… and wearing red lipstick…

I program your mind to become addicted to wearing make-up – Mascara… Eye-liner… Foundation… Lipstick…

Then – I tie your attraction and addiction to make-up to… increased arousal… sexy… sexy… arousal when wearing make-up, seeing make-up, thinking about make-up. Delicious!

Compelled, addicted, craving… just the way I want you to be… the perfect femme… the perfect girl…

Drawing on My experience as a therapist working with tg, tv, cd and all who identify as femme… I continue with the INTENSE programming and feminization of all who long for those feminine experiences.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Long Induction
  • Linking sexual arousal to intense craving to wear make-up
  • NLP programming
  • Hypnotic suggestions & hypnotic trigger phrases
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Subliminals
  • Theta brain wave music
  • No explicit directions to orgasm – Suitable for submissives who are in chastity
  • The phrase “femme girl” and “My good girl” is used in the recording
  • The word “sissy” is not used

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