Enticement… Entrancement… Feminine Orgasm! Level 2

In part 2 of Lady Surrender’s deep feminization re-programming, you will have a blissful orgasm as a woman – Experience your feminine self now!

Feminine Orgasm – Level Two

Short description:

No matter if you are a submissive dreaming about finally experiencing a feminine orgasm, or a woman wanting to deepen her orgasms – In this session, Lady Surrender makes sure she leaves you breathless… melting away in feminine orgasmic bliss!

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A sexy, feminine orgasm that leaves you… breathless!

I love giving My femme subjects the experience of feminine oragsm during live one-on-one Hypnosis sessions. Now you can experience the melting bliss of cumming in waves of feminine pleasure whenever you desire and within the privacy of your home!

The pleasure of a sexy, feminine orgasm… In this recording, I am building on the re-wiring of Level 1 and programming you to experience a melting, liquid feminine orgasm. Again – I’ll make sure all negative thoughts and beliefs are cleared away so you can now experience your feminine self – This is re-wiring at the deepest level!


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Complex and deep re-programming
  • Hypnotic suggestions & hypnotic trigger phrases
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions & subliminals
  • Theta brain wave music to attune your mind to a relaxed state that is optimum for hypnosis
  • 8 Minutes whispered ASMR
  • Extended induction uses muscle relaxation, deepeners, visualizations
  • Suitable for all submissives who identify as “femme”, “sissy” or “tg” etc.
  • The word “sissy” is not used
  • This recording is gender neutral – It may also be used by woman wanting to experience orgasm for the first time or to deepen orgasm


CLICK HERE to view Feminine Orgasm – Level 1

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