A hypnotic loop to fall for your Mistress!

In this erotic hypnosis loop, Mistress Amethyst will program your mind to fall deeply in love with her. Feel how your growing love for her can intensify how you experience her hypnotic fantasies. 

The Love Loop

Short description:

Fall for Mistress Amethyst! In this erotic loop, you will give your heart to your mistress. Find yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with her and witness how this feeling can strengthen your trance and amplify your hypnotic experiences with her.

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Fall in Love with your hypnotic Mistress!

Have you ever noticed how it feels so much better to have an orgasm when you feel like you are in love? In fact, trance can feel better as well when you’re in love with your HypnoDomme.

In this erotic loop, I advise you to be prepared to completely give your heart to me, as you fall deeper and deeper in love.

Use this erotic hypnosis loop on its own, or pair it with other loops from this series to create a unique and personal experience each time.

Create your own hypnotic experience!

Either stack the loops in an order of your choice OR create a loop playlist and hit random!

Possible ways to use a playlist:
A) Put all the loops in a playlist and roll the dice (1). Whatever # you get is the # of loops that you will listen to. If you get 1, roll again to see how many time you will listen to that 1 loop. If you get 3, then you will only listen to the first 3 loops that play at random. Will an orgasm be part of it? Or will you end the game with blue balls?

B) Create a play list where you duplicate the titles. You might have The Cum for Amethyst Loop or any of the arousal building loops in there multiple times so that it comes up more than once.


This erotic hypnosis loop contains the following features:

  • 10-1 countdown (twice)
  • Double voice tracks
  • Suggestions of falling in love with Mistress Amethyst
  • Programming file for falling in love & magnifying orgasmic pleasure
  • This file contains no JOI
  • Loop: No formal induction included

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