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Lady Hypnotica – The Voice in your Head…

The eyes that seem to shine through you from the distance. The mouth, forming words… invitations… requests… Follow her into the deep and experience arousal, how you haven’t felt t before. Unimagined lust. Tingling. Trembling. Goosebumps. 

Her deep, blue-green eyes that seem to shine right through you… Her full, sensual lips, whispering warm and soft words… her full, dark hair, framing her face in gentle waves… Become seduced by her. By her voice. Her beauty. Her intellect. Her stories.


Become enchanted by her!

After becoming a certified hypnotist and hypnosis coach, Lady Hypnotica consistently expanded her repertoire and eventually her first erotic hypnoses were recorded. She is a specialist in her field, plays with words und tonality. Her favorite tools are individual, erotic hypnoses. The work with all different kinds of preferences and fetishes, the journeys to uncharted experiences and the processes of the support to feminization, all these are things that time after time always remain new and exciting.


Fantasy becomes reality, if you only let it.

Lady Hypnotica creates erotic hypnoses based on mythical figures. Sagas, myths and legends have inspired people’s fantasies for ages. Untamed, wild and passionately, aspirations transform into actual dreams. Experience an erotic encounter with a figure, that you might already know from different stories.. maybe the story will develop into something completely new. Deeper and deeper you will drop into the endless pleasure of erotic hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the necessary conclusion to a deep longing, that sometimes may be difficult to be acted out in real life. Through hypnosis, emotions and feelings can be perceived very intensively. Arousal, desire and lust are taking place before our physical awareness, in our brain. A specific stimulus in the brain triggers a feeling or sensation that then goes on into the body. In trance, hypnotic, as well as real orgasms, are possible. Some people may even feel hypnotic touch as if it was real.



FREE Hypnosis:
Lady Hypnotica’s erotic fantasy hypnosis: “The Succubus”


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THE SUCCUBUS – Unnoticed, she robs sleeping men of their semen… After an extensive induction, you dive into your own personal “mental cinema”, color it in and make it intensive.

This erotic hypnosis is for everyone, interested in giving erotic hypnosis a first try. No pressure, no posthypnotic suggestions! – You can just lay back and enjoy the session. 

This erotic hypnosis includes the following suggestions:
– Helps you to drop easily into trance, from which I will wake you again
– Solely created for your enjoyment
– Sound effects & brainwaves
– No posthypnotic suggestions or trigger


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