Multiple Orgasms for your Incubi Master!

In this erotic hypnosis, Master Jay will drop his good girl deep into wonderful trance. Once you are in his blissful dreamland, however, you will realize that it is inhabited by incubi – and you are directly talking to the king of them all. His voice and multiple orgasm commands will trap you in unlimited pleasure. When he’s done with you, he will simply lull you back to sleep.

The Girl and the Incubus

Short description:

Find yourself trapped in ecstasy, experiencing multiple orgasms, as incubus Master Jay feeds on your pleasure!

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Trapped in Ecstasy and forced to orgasm!

In ​The Girl and the Incubus​, you meet Master Jay in your dreams while sleeping in an unfamiliar bedroom. He soothes you and shows you the beautiful dream world that he inhabits before catching your gaze with his own and tempting you to sleep with his hypnotic voice, binaural beats, and countdowns.

Once he’s sure that you’re sleeping, he reveals his big secret – this rare dreamland is inhabited by incubi, and you just happen to be talking to the king of them. Master’s voice surrounds you and pushes you into submission as he tells you that he’s going to fill you with his cock and his seed.

The intense binaural beats, various layers of Master’s voice, and multiple orgasms he commands you to have will trap you in ecstasy as he feeds on your pleasure. After he’s had his fun, he lulls you back to sleep.

This recording is best suited for females who are interested in forced orgasms, humiliation and name calling, corruption, being used for breeding, and being submissive to a male master.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • This file contains an intense soundscape made of layered audio tracks, 3D audio, binaural beats, soft background music, whispering and moaning sounds, water sounds, and mouth sounds
  • There is no wake up at the end, the recording simply fades out
  • There are commands to make you let go of your mind, feel pleasure, touch yourself, repeat, have multiple orgasms to finger snaps, and finally to sleep after releasing
  • Triggers you will find include: sleep, feeling submissive, obedient, giving up your control, feeling
    horny, good girl

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