Cock Controlled by your Goddess…

This chastity hypnosis session will turn you into Lady Surrender’s cock slave*. She will have complete control over your cock and your orgasm. Begin your hypnotic chastity today!

Surrender : Cock Slave Entrapment

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Short description:

After this seductive entrapment session, your cock and your orgasm will be controlled by a powerful Goddess and you will end up locked in hypnotic chastity!

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30:00 minutes for only $25,00 incl. VAT
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Entrapped in delicious hypnotic chastity!

The instructions were clear… when the door opens… kneel… a blindfold is placed over your eyes.

you are here today, to be interviewed for the position of My cock slave*.

It appears you have a troublesome cock that gets hard without My permission. you are an undisciplined boy who longs to have his orgasms & cock controlled by a powerful FemDom Goddess.

you crave My entrapment – locked into hypnotic chastity.
you are so deeply enslaved & entrapped in My delicious hypnotic chastity.

Note: The Cock Slave Entrapment Unlocked file is the only means of unlocking this Hypnotic Chastity Entrapment Hypnosis.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Hypnotic Chastity
  • Orgasm Control
  • Layered voice tracks in part of the file
  • Erotic Whispers ASMR
  • Entrapment hypnosis
  • Slave training
  • No Release
  • Based on R/L training of slave boy
  • Loop Recording – No Induction

This loop recording does not have an induction. You will need to listen to my FREE Induction “Surrender: The Foundation File“.

If you have difficulty in experiencing trance, I recommend you use My deep hypnotic trance file “Deepening Hypnosis“. This file will train your mind to deeply absorb My hypnotic programming and can be used to deepen your trance and longing for submission.


NEW: Add a Customized Erotic Whisper Track
Feel Lady Surrender take control of your mind… from the moment She whispers your name!


*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. and all of its artists disapprove of actual slavery!

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  1. Question

    A few days ago Arianna as well as I was speaking and
    I was going to change the method she welcomed me.
    She did greet me on knees curved ahead with
    arms extended face down. I instructed her I now desired servant placement # 2 The very same however encountering away from me hands on ass dispersing apart.

    In the first setting she really felt much more
    like a servant and explained while because placement she had a big smile
    on her face because I was residence, and she could not wait
    to see me. So after we chatted I made that adjustment.
    It absolutely makes Arianna proud to stoop and wait on me to go
    through the door.

    This is not when she really feels like it, the greeting is day-to-day.
    I expect no much less from my Slave. While leash training when you are
    speaking all eyes need to get on you (electrostim female “chastity belt” “predicament bondage”).
    You can tell when a person is listening as well as when they are not
    and you make the modifications with a mild pull on the Chain.

    Individuals took pictures however no one stated anything. I did not actually anticipate any kind
    of comments, yet throughout bike week I have actually seen means crazier spunk than some bitch wearing a collar as well
    as leash. You may not wish to be seen in public, which
    is great. I have not giving much idea to training Arianna with a Leash.

    I have providing it some thought in the past, and also I may quite possibly right here in the future.

    The Collar when placed about their neck offers them a feeling
    of being complete. They have functioned so tough to earn. They have
    offering extra in 6 months to a year than they have
    ever before providing. bondage belt.

    There is way even more than just the sensation of being owned.
    You add the Leash. If the Servant or Submissive is in the best
    way of thinking it will take them areas they have actually never
    ever been previously.

    Read this article Complete In Bondage In A Chastity BeltUsed every day they will certainly
    quickly adapt, and will probably welcome the Leash
    when you bring it out. One thing you never utilize is a choker collar, never,
    never, never (chastity belt plug bondage). Trust fund me it places them in a different location. Hey have a look at my good friend on facebook she has a remarkable group.

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  2. submissive m

    A delicious loop that feels too good to stop!

    Hello Lady Surrender! .. there is a part of me that loves this file and another part of me constantly on the verge of wanting a release all the time, lol. I really feel clueless how you are able to do this. I remember months ago listening to ruined orgasm and the trigger file you made for me. I spent a summer mindlessly edging and never wanting to cum and it was so blissful and changed my thoughts on chastity. I never felt so helpless losing control of my cock. Now this file is even stronger than ruined orgasm… if that were possible! it took one listen and now I crave your control much more than an orgasm. I feel like my way of thinking has been changed… with chastity i crave and feel your control all day. an orgasm is wonderful but a release without permission is so bland. I woke up wanting to cum this morning and i was being stubborn and refusing to beg, lol. Listened to the file and every desire to cum just vanished right out of me. I craved the control and I feel like I am in this delicious loop that feels too good to stop. Tomorrow I will wake up horny, aroused, listen to this file, and be reminded my orgasm is no longer my own!

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  3. G.

    so sensual, so sexy, so domineering!

    Listening to Surrender Cock Slave Entrapment sent such tingles down my spine that it was so easy to surrender all to You. Your voice and whispers are so sensual, so sexy, so domineering that I started to melt immediately! Arousal came quickly but I could feel Your control taking hold that I could do very little but let you take ownership of my subconscious and my cock. This session is very subtle and yet extremely powerful because Your voice is so intensely addicting. I am so hooked!

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