Eruption – Level 2: Let her control your hand!

In this level 2 erotic hypnosis of Mistress Amethyst‘s Eruption-Series, you will experience how she will possess your hand and have total control over it. She will stroke you however she pleases and for as long as she pleases. Believe me, you will find yourself aching for relief and begging for the Eruption trigger!

Eruption – Hand Possession

Short description:

Feel her essence moving through your arm down your hand, guiding your hand closer and closer to your crotch.. Feel the sensations growing and becoming stronger. In the end, you will be desperate for her relieving trigger!

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Let me possess your hand and stroke you as I please!

I know you’ve been dreaming about becoming possessed and used by Me… well, this fantasy of yours can become true! In this erotic hypnosis, I will drop you into a deep and erotic trance. From there, I will slip my hand inside of yours, and guide you to stroke exactly the way that I want you to be stroked.

Be prepared to want me to activate my Eruption trigger… want is a weak word. You will be begging me for it!

I will turn you into my little cum puppet, and you are going to love it!


The Eruption-Set is a very detailed hands free orgasm training series, involving 3 different levels:

– Level 1: An intense Trigger programming recording using NLP blueprinting, repetition training, and Cell Command Therapy (TM). (Click here for Level 1)

Level 2: Before listening to the Level 2 training, you should make sure that you have listened to Level 1 (preferably more than once). Each Level 2 recording will include a JOI with the Eruption trigger given in order to stimulate you and bring on your orgasm. Work on your timing – get really good at having your orgasm when I voice the trigger. After mastering this part, begin to use lighter and lighter touch, until you are able to achieve a hands free orgasm. Once you have accomplished this, you are ready to move on to Level 3, or you may continue to listen to other Level 2 titles. (Click here for Level 2)

– Level 3: After your successful completion of Level 1 & 2, you can move on to Level 3.
In these recordings, I will be guiding you through a fantasy or other topic where I will build your excitement and then activate the Eruption trigger.


This erotic hypnosis (Level 2) contains the following features:

  • Subliminal Eruption programming
  • JOI
  • Eruption trigger training for hands free orgasm
  • Soft 2nd voice track

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