A relationship-friendly FemDom training for Good Husbands!

This erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst is for all the submissive, married men out there, who wish to become good husbands. Let your wife hold the key to your sexuality. She will have total control over your orgasms. From now on, you will only be able to orgasm with her permission. 

Good Husband

Short description:

Be a good husband and serve your wife! Let Mistress Amethyst transform you into a submissive, compliant husband, always eager to please your wife. You will be surprised how arousing and exciting her happiness will start to become for you!

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Make your wife happy and transform into the compliant husband she needs!

Let me drop you deep into trance and program your mind & behavior. I will enchant your submissive feelings and focus them on your wife – This will be a game changer for your marriage! I can help train you so that the process is as easy on your wife as possible.

In this erotic hypnosis, I will reach right inside, where my words nurture your feelings of submissiveness, obedience, and servitude. Those feelings have been there a long time and it’s time to amplify them and put them into action. I will focus your training on behaving docile, compliant, and eager to please your wife. You want to be a good husband, and that includes doing things to please your wife, making her day easier, and speaking submissively to her. Her happiness will arouse and excite you like never before.

I will also focus a good deal of training to channeling your sex drive into serving your wife. She is the key holder to your desire, after all. You will be programmed to refrain from orgasm, unless she has given you permission to do so. Your orgasms, and your sexuality, belong to her, so no matter how aroused you are, you must have her permission to orgasm.

Soon, you will discover that when you comply with your wife’s control, life just becomes so much easier, more fulfilling, and you realize that this is truly your place.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following features:

  • Induction – Same wording as SLIP Into Mindlessness (by request)
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Count up at the end
  • Target listeners: submissive, married males

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