Safe, comfortable and wonderfully sleepy

Listen to Master Jay‘s soothing voice and experience how he will make you feel completely safe, comfortable and wonderfully sleepy. Enjoy his blissful breathing and relaxation induction and drop deep with relaxing sounds of water, binaural beats and gentle tones.

You Are A Good Girl

Short description:

This relaxing hypnotic soundscape will make you mindless, submissive and so wonderfully sleepy.

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Become absolutely mindless, submissive and sleepy

If you have heard Master Jay before you know how powerful his control is, and just how hard he can make you cum – however, this file aims to make you feel safe, comfortable, and sleepy while listening to his voice.

Master Jay uses a breathing and relaxation induction, the sounds of water, binaural beats, 3D layered audio, and a gentle tone to bring you deep under his control, where he plans to keep you as his obedient, cherished, Good Girl.

You’ll find your thoughts being replaced by his words, and you’ll want to play this audio over and over just to have Master’s soothing voice in your mind again. Listening to this file will make you feel like you’re securely wrapped in an audible embrace while falling asleep.

If you like being called a submissive girl, being told to relax, and having a dominant male with a soft touch brainwash you to sleep, you’ll love this file.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • The file contains an intense soundscape made of layered audio tracks, 3D audio, binaural beats, soft background music, whispering sounds, water sounds, humming, and mouth sounds
  • There is no wake up at the end, the recording simply fades out
  • There are commands to make you become mindless, submissive, and sleepy
  • Best used if you are looking for a hypnotic soundscape that is comforting and will help you sleep
  • Triggers you will find include: feeling submissive, obedient, giving up your control, trancing deep, and sleep

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