Get ready for part 4 of your Gay-Transformation

Listen to Lady Surrender’s erotic whispers as she transforms your subconscious mind, turning you into the cock obsessed man  you’ve always wanted to be.

Gay Hypnosis 4 – Delete Hetero / Install Gay Sex

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Short description:

After this hypnotic brainwashing session, your sexual attraction will be completely rewired to only crave gay men. Lady Surrender will take control of your mind & leave you with a strong obsession for cock!

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Unable to get hard without thinking about Gay Sex!

Turning you.

Extended mind-fuck that ends with you being unable to fuck your girlfriend without thinking about gay fucking…

Unable to get hard without thinking about gay fucking… Replacing your sexual attraction & response to women with sexual attraction & response to gay men… Arousal rewiring… Programming you to love & crave mens bodies…

Deletion of your socialisation to be heterosexual. Thought re-education & behaviour modification.

Relentless brainwashing that has you planning to find cock to satisfy that obsessive addictive craving for cock.

Yes, it’s true. I turn straight Doms to gay bottom sluts. Now – My straight subjects are being turned by My delicious mind-fuck and also find themselves wanting, needing and longing to serve cock.

I am rewiring your subconscious mind to crave cock and completely delete your socialisation of being heterosexual.

This gay hypnosis series is based on My extensive experience transforming straight Doms to be gay bottom bitches, and using implanted memories to believe they have always been gay.

I strongly recommend you listen to Gay Hypnosis 1 – 3 before purchasing this hypnoic brainwashing file.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Gay cock obsession
  • Rewiring of sexual attraction to only crave gay men
  • Repetition training & NLP anchoring
  • Erotic whispers – ASMR
  • Arousal rewiring
  • Hypnotic orgasm
  • Orgasm Command
  • Mental domination
  • Femdom
  • Post Hypnotic suggestions
  • Oral servitude & anal f*cking
  • Thought re-education & behaviour modification
  • Loop recording: No Induction
  • Prior listening to my FREE foundation file “Surrender” is recommended

This loop recording does not have an induction. You will need to listen to my FREE foundation file “Surrender”. This file intensively programs your mind & body to accept all my hypnotic suggestions.


For deep transformational straight to gay embedding of the hypnosis, use the following foundation file:

Deepening Hypnosis – This file conditions and primes your subconscious mind to accept any suggestion(s) made in other files. An INTENSE deep trance file that enables hypnosis to be embedded and captures your subconscious mind.I have extensive experience turning subjects from straight to… bottom bitches. Including turning straight Doms to gay, & implanting false memories to believe they were always gay.

Various loop recordings can then be added onto this foundation file. This intensive programming draws on my experience as a therapist, working alongside all those who identify as femme: tg, cd, sissy, tv and femme girls.

Gay Hypnosis 1  |  Gay Hypnosis 2  |  Gay Hypnosis 3  | Gay Hypnosis 4  |  Gay Hypnosis 5
Gay Hypnosis 1-3 Bundle – SAVE $20!  Gay Hypnosis 1-5 Bundle – SAVE 20%

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  1. submissive for cck


    Hello Mistress,

    I would like to thank you for your audio file “Gay Hypnosis 4 – Delete Hetero / Install Gay Sex”. I purchased it last night and listened to it twice, back to back, on headphones. Both times I fell into a very deep sleep about four mnutes in and didn’t wake up unti the file ended. I didn’t have any idea what I’d heard but I was very aroused and slept like a baby last night, easily the best sleep I’ve had in weeks.

    This morning I listened again and went into trance but stayed conscious throughout and was surprised at some of the things I heard, pleasantly so. I’ve been longing for several years to have the remainders of my hetero conditioning removed and knew immediately how powerful it must have been to be given those directions while I was asleep.

    I’ve recently turned 59 and have been living as a straight man for my entire adult life, but with secret longings for cock since my early 20s. Over time I’ve lost my interest in women (as well as my ability to be aroused by them) as my need for cock has taken me over. I’ve mostly fantasized about being a cocksucker but more and more I understand that I want and need to be fully submissive and take cock in my ass as well. Lately I feel like maybe I need cock in my ass even more than I need it in my mouth and throat.

    Anyway, apologies for going on so long here. I’ll wrap up by telling you that I’ve listened to many audio files by others on this subject and I think the one I purchased from you yesterday is a big step above all of them. I’m planning to get “Addicted to Anal Play 1” next.

    Thanks again,
    submissive for cock

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