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Aside from her new release of Gay Hypnosis 4, Lady Surrender has another special gift for you:
Buy part 1-3 of her popular series now and SAVE $20! 

Gay Hypnosis 1-3 Bundle

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Buy part 1-3 of Lady Surrender’s Gay Hypnosis Series as a bundle now and SAVE $20! Experience how Lady Surrender will invade your subconscious mind, take total control of you and force you to become gay!

Download MP3 now and listen immediately.

107:50 minutes for only $85,00 incl. VAT
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Special Offer: SAVE $20

In her erotic “Gay Hypnosis” series, Lady Surrender will invade your subconscious mind, take control of you through your fantasies and your secret longing to be gay… and will FORCE you to be gay!

She will strengthen your craving to be a submissive bottom bitch and leave you with an intense obsession for cock!

Get to know more details about the separate recordings:
Gay Hypnosis 1  |  Gay Hypnosis 2  |  Gay Hypnosis 3


This erotic hypnosis bundle contains:

  • Lady Surrender’s “Gay Hypnosis” session 1-3
  • Submissive bottom bitch training
  • Mental domination & mind control
  • Erotic whispers (ASMR) that brainwash your mind & body
  • Thought re-education and behavior modification
  • Loop recordings: No Inductions
  • Prior listening to my FREE foundation file “Surrender” is recommended

This loop recording does not have an induction. You will need to listen to my FREE foundation file “Surrender”. This file intensively programs your mind & body to accept all my hypnotic suggestions.


For deep transformational straight to gay embedding of the hypnosis, use the following foundation file:

Deepening Hypnosis – This file conditions and primes your subconscious mind to accept any suggestion(s) made in other files. An INTENSE deep trance file that enables hypnosis to be embedded and captures your subconscious mind.I have extensive experience turning subjects from straight to… bottom bitches. Including turning straight Doms to gay, & implanting false memories to believe they were always gay.

Various loop recordings can then be added onto this foundation file. This intensive programming draws on my experience as a therapist, working alongside all those who identify as femme: tg, cd, sissy, tv and femme girls.

View all parts of this Series:
Gay Hypnosis 1  |  Gay Hypnosis 2  |  Gay Hypnosis 3  | Gay Hypnosis 4  |  Gay Hypnosis 5
Gay Hypnosis 1-5 Bundle – SAVE 20%!

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  1. beneathuk

    Interesting experience.

    (verified owner)

    I don’t think I am receptive to hypnosis. I had tried numerous hypnosis tracks for various reasons (not only erotic hypno) and I have never felt entranced or suggestable. I guess it’s all about intrinsic motivation and hypno will only work for something that you want badly enough. Although the file says it will reprogram your sexuality I don’t feel any different.

    This isn’t criticism. It’s just how it is. I did enjoy the experience though and hearing the various naughty trigger phrases and whispered loops is a turn on. I felt like file two wasn’t different enough from number one to really advance my experience too much. But, again, that likely depends on how receptive your mind is to being altered. I’m probably just too strong willed and have always had a natural stubborn streak. So no, it hasn’t turned me into a gay bottom bitch or made me not feel attracted to women. Which is obviously a good thing.

    The third file has a bit more going on with more phrases and whisper loops and every time Lady Surrender uses phrases like ‘bottom bitch’ or gay cock fucking’ and so on it is a turn on. I do enjoy the taboos of forced bisexuality and enjoy listening to audios like this so definitely not a waste of money and I will definitely listen to them again, especially track three. But, as I say, I’m a hypnosis sceptic. Maybe I’ll try out some of the other Mistress’s on here and see what those experiences are like.

    Looking at the site, a lot of these lists haven’t been added to for a couple of years so it looks like a lot of the hypnotherapists have moved on, including Lady Surrender but at least they left us a legacy of great content to enjoy.

    In summary. If you like hearing hypnotic suggestions from dominant women encouraging you to do humiliating things, you will love these recordings.


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