Intense Gay Slave Training CEI for good Boys

With every snap of Master Jay‘s fingers, the pleasure you feel increases… With every snap, you will become more and more submissive and obedient to His words. You will love stroking your cock for your Master. To cum for your Master. And to swallow all of your cum for Him.

Master’s Slave Training CEI

Short description:

In this gay hypnosis, you will become conditioned to submit and obey your Master. You will stroke your cock and cum for Him – and of course, you will swallow it all.

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Eat your own cum, submit and surrender.

In this erotic gay hypnosis, begins with a long relaxation induction meant to make you comfortable, submissive and obedient to the sound of my voice. There are whispering sounds and some relaxing music playing in the background, so make sure you’re using headphones.

We’ll transition into a mantra repetition session where I have you submit your will to me and have you repeat what I say after I snap my fingers, slowly turning your brain to mush and gaining control of you more and more. The more I snap, the more pleasure you’re going to feel and the more obedient you’ll become to the sound of my voice.

The session heats up as you feel the pleasure that comes from being conditioned to obey. You’re going to stroke your cock and cum for me, then swallow it all. You can’t resist my hypnotic power, you are going to please me and obey me. Eat your own cum, submit and surrender. No fighting. Just helpless obedience to my words. That’s it. Good boy.

In the aftermath of this long induction I’m going to put you to sleep, letting my words sink into your subconscious. You will only remember that listening to my voice has made you feel very good and that you want to feel this way again in the future, loving to relax and submit to me.


This erotic hypnosis includes:

  • The file is intended for gay or submissive men who are into being conditioned to submit and
    obey a powerful male Master and eat their own cum
  • There are layered audio tracks, whispering sounds, relaxing music and binaural beats – Headphones are a must!
  • This file includes masturbation instructions and a cum countdown
  • Triggers you will find include: slave, pet, pleasure, obedience, submitting, finger snapping,
    being called a fucktoy and more
  • There is no count up at the end – The session ends with me putting you to sleep in the aftermath of the orgasm that I made you feel

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