Her voice guiding you, caressing you, penetrating you …

NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!

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The Voice of Pleasure


The Voice of Pleasure

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Short description:

FREE STREAM! – Learn to intensively feel each sensation that emerges and develops inside you. Follow Calice’s voice, and experience a growing feeling of pleasure. Enjoy how her voice guides you to explore it and turn up the intensity!

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  • Description

    Experience a deep state of erotic hypnosis…
    follow the voice of pleasure!

    As you follow my voice, you will enter into a blissful state of erotic hypnosis
    a state of erotic hypnosis is a very particular state …

    When you enter to this state, your imagination accelerates, all your senses are awake, sensations are amplified. It’s as if each word could resonate in a different way to create … a thrill, an image, an echo, a vibration, a sensation. Each sensation is lived in a more intense way, each scenario imagined becomes more real, more tangible, more palpable. A bit like in a dream … where everything seems real and it’s only when we wake up that we realize we were dreaming. When you return to this state, you can live your craziest fantasies, experience the most exquisite sensations …

    Now, in this audio, it’s not yet about enjoying the most intense orgasms, being the hero of an erotic scene or living your greatest fantasy … It’s just to tame this state, to let every word penetrate you. It is simply learning to feel intensely each sensation that emerges and develops inside you. Like something that hatches and unfolds to make it even bigger than you can imagine!

    Following my voice, you will experience a growing feeling of pleasure. This feeling of pleasure … there is a button to increase its intensity …. There are different ways to increase the volume of pleasure … And my words will guide you to explore it and make this feeling stronger and stronger.

    It’s like a caress, an invitation that shows a way, a path to your desires, to a world of excitement and pleasure … You can feel so many things, I do not know if you know it yet!

    Let my voice guide you, let my voice caress you, let my voice penetrate you … I’m here to guide you in Wonderland …

    So … are you ready to go into the white rabbit lair?


    This French erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

    • NOTE: This hypnosis is only available in French!
    • Experience a blissful state of erotic hypnosis
    • Feel my voice caress your body
    • Wonderful sensations of excitement and pleasure
    • Learn how to explore and increase feelings of pleasure
    • Post hypnotic suggestions: Energy and positive feelings of having experienced a very nice erotic experience
    • This hypnotic audio is for both men and women

    Purchase & download this file to pay tribute and support Calice
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  • Reviews (1)
  • Reviews (1)

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    1 review

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    1. Daniel

      Rated 5 out of 5
      Sublime ! Un voyage envoutant, hypnotique et sensuel !


      Chère Calice,
      Quelle voix envoutante ! Tu nous offres un captivant voyage hypnotique et sensuel ! A la fois doux et excitant, suave et intense, apaisant et stimulant !! Tu m´as emporté vers un état de relaxation merveilleusement érotique… Il y a de la beauté, de la grâce, de la poésie dans tes phrases et chacun de tes mots me transporte vers ce délicieux état d´hypnose. La sensation de plaisir s´est développé en moi tout au long de cet audio… Et j´ai appris à la faire grandir grâce à tes instructions… pour finalement ressentir ce plaisir transpercer tout mon corps ! Une sensation extraordinaire ! En écoutant ta voix, j´ai trouvé la voie du plaisir…
      Merci pour ce beau cadeau !

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